1. Cut tofu in half, cut THOSE pieces in half, make triangles (8 pieces per standard block).
**I almost feel like somehow making 12 pieces would be even better, because they'd soak up marinade more**
2. Marinate for a few hours (or overnight) in 3-4 tbsp dark sesame oil and lots of soy sauce.
**In the future I might try to add some Wasabi to that**
3. Mix 2 servings of panko bread crumbs+4-5 tsp black sesame seeds in a shallow bowl.
**White sesame seeds would do just fine. Also regular bread crumbs**
4. Spray down a non-stick pan with Pam.
5. Roll each piece of tofu (wet with marinade) around in the panko mix.
**NOTE: Once the crumbs get wet, they don't stick so well to the tofu. Maybe divide the crumb mixture and change it up if you're having a hard time**
6. Plop biggest side down into the pan on medium heat. Flip each piece every few minutes so that every side gets a nice golden color to it.
7. Done. I would call this a 20-30 minute job for what is 4 servings of tofu.

Got rave reviews for this one =)

Each of these triangles winds up being *about* 60-70 cals. Putting 2 down on a bed of pureed cheesy cauliflower or sesame eggplant will give a very satisfying 250-300 calorie main course. 

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