One of the major ways I make my recipes healthy is taking traditional recipes and tweaking the ingredients to make them more figure-friendly.

I wont lie, low-cal, low-fat, low-anything food doesn't always taste as good as the full-anything variety. But I am someone who appreciates volume and honestly, if we're talking about weekday breakfast, lunch at work, dinner in front of the tv, I'd rather eat something large and tasty than something small and delicious.

One of my readers (see comment) recently suggested that it would be cool if people were to send me recipes for guilty foods that they love and I would attempt to modify them and make them healthier. I accept the challenge!

As of this posting, I am still working through passover seder leftovers and working off passover seder poundage, so this comment will have to wait until at least the weekend, but I already have soem good


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    April 2011