I think I'm still in a kitchen rut =( Below is a jar of skinny vanilla soy milk with some raw oats, cocoa powder and frozen berries. I mix it around with the spoon until the berries thaw and wind up having a nice cool snack. In the winter. Why?
This is kind of my standby poultry/protein hit. I take a pre-seasoned, uncooked turkey sausage (Hot Italian Turkey Sausage) and remove the casing. Actually I squeeze out the filling which is kind of more satisfying =)

Then I mush it all up in a bowl with 1-2 tbsp of black bean and corn salsa per sausage. This bowl is actually 4 turkey sausages with 4tbsp salsa. 

Usually I'm doing this while some frozen veggies are sauteeing up in a non-stick pan.

In the same pan (no oil needed, maybe a spray of Pam) I now brown/sautee/cook the turkey meat. 


I used this 4-sausage mixture multiple times actually, but the first night I made lettuce wraps: leaves of romaine with bit's of cheese then put together with the turky and veggies.


Same deal with tuna salad: 1 can tuna, 1-2 tbsp Fage 0% Total Plain Yogurt, some S+P and a forkful or two of spaghetti squash for bulk.


Lettuce seems to be my prefered vector for mushy food.

Sadly, my root canals still being incomplete, it's still solid enough to give me a headache =(


Another breakfast of champions: a small cup of cereal with vanilla soy milk, a Light N' Fit Yogurt and the Fiber One 90 calorie Brownie.

There may have been a snack or three in there too =)


Then, a spaghetti squash fest. A nice big bowl in front of the TV on my lap. My summer dresses are still getting mileage as house dresses!

The turkey sausage made an appearance with a spaghetti squash bed for lunch that day.


Finally, a spaghetti squash and shrimp lunch. The shrimp were lightly marinated in an herby marinade, the spaghetti squash is dressed with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter and chili sauce.

I know I promised a squash gratin but the pictures are trapped on Boyfriend's phone, so it's still to be resolved.

I also promised to discuss the weekend status post Thanksgiving.

On Friday I went to my 10 year high school reunion. I was sooooo excited for this thing for weeks and a lot of my newer friends were kind of surprised. They had no intention of going to their reunions. I had to explain that most people were fiercely loyal to my high school since we were all nerds in our junior highs and found acceptance there and learned neccessary social skills. I was not wrong. The bar was a regular zoo, packed to the brim. Everyone was there, everyone looked great and had great stories to tell of what they had done/where they had been. I was uniformly impressed, but I guess I had certainly not come hoping that people had gotten fat or had bad jobs. I am so proud of my fellow high school alums. The party was supposed to last until 10, but we left the bar after midnight and went to the party house we always used in high school. Can you say nostalgia? I got home at 2am, scarfed a TON of food and went to bed. Can you say....hangover?

That Saturday was the bachelorette party for Nurse Z who is getting married this weekend. There was a lot of fun that I am not planning on describing in a blog dedicated to food, however, our dinner at ilili restaurant was amazing. Delicious, flavorful food. Expensive food, but well worth it for her celebration. A note on her upcoming wedding: it's a RUSSIAN wedding, so I will have to expect lots of drinking and way too much eating, think crepe stations. My dress is awfully tight, I suspect that I will mostly be taking bites off of Boyfriend's plate in order to temper the alcohol.

Finally, new thoughts on Bikram Yoga. I still think it's boring, I still have no idea why I sweat that much for such easy poses, but I am finally making it through full classes without needing breaks in between. So I've been alternating 6-8 mile runs (holiday-related increase in intensity both of exercise time and calorie quantity) with Bikram Yoga. I've also heard that the guy who invented Bikram (Mr. Bikram, seriously) is suing another NYC studio for using his moves without paying him royalties! I had no idea yogis would go all litigious and zealously guard their ideas.


12/07/2011 08:57

Love your healthy meal ideas! Can't wait to try some of them and look forward to reading more posts. :)

12/07/2011 19:34

Thanks Badger Girl,

I love your website too. Your pictures are great, I wish I took the time to do something like that! I think that your recipes are really great =)


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