So, this week my hip is STILL bothering me and maybe seeing a doctor isn't a bad idea. Or rather, going downstairs in my building and finding some orthopedic resident to give me a quick physical exam! In any case, my intake has had to be adjusted quite a bit for the severe decrease in exercise. I've been doing a bit of hot yoga and some elliptical/stepper exercise but have nevertheless had to REALLY watch what I've been eating. And still, there's been a noticeable gain. Anyway, here's one of my solutions to the problem: wraps. But not bread wraps, lettuce wraps!
Boyfriend requested that we have "taco night" again a few days ago. I knew that I couldn't have the typical taco since I didn't exactly take it easy for breakfast and lunch, but I did know that substitutions could be made. Here's a his and hers rundown and how I manage to make 2 meals for the "time price" of 1

1) Hers: 1 serving ground turkey (about 110g) + 1/2 cup fire roasted tomatoes with green chiles (from a can) = 175 cals. Best addition? Nutritional Yeast. It gave it an almost...cheesy...taste.
His: 3 servings of turkey (though this made one dinner and 2 lunch) with a taco spice seasoning mix. Too much sodium for "hers".

How to Construct A great Lettuce Wrap
The bowl at 12 o'clock has some steamed veggies (frozen, microwaved in the package. Not cheap, but easy)
The bowl at 3 o'clock has the turkey/salsa mixture
At 6-9 o'clock are 4 pieces of romaine lined with cheese.

I used some sort of non-fat/non-dairy cheese nonsense I had found in the supermarket. It worked for this purpose but I don't know what else it's good for. Either way, if you're using American Cheese slices, line each lettuce wrap with cheese, spoon on a small layer of steamed veggies then top with the turkey salsa mixture.

Finish it off with a little sprinkle of non-fat Greek Yogurt (I think it tastes BETTER than sour cream and Boyfriend can't tell the difference)

Another shot of the lettuce wrap.

I had 4 of these at about 100 cals each. It was the most delicious, satisfying, filling 400 calorie meal ever!

His included 3 tortilla wraps, real cheddar (I should have sprung for this), the turkey mixture and lots of greek yogurt on top. I think his added on another 450 cals!
Honestly, I tasted his and liked mine better!

The next morning I felt like I should use up the rest of the fire-roasted tomatoes and the remainder of one of my egg-beater containers.

This is less than 2 servings of egg beaters (50 cals?) + 1/2 cup or so of the roasted tomatoes (25 cals). It's actually a LOT of food! Seasoned with S+P of course.

And....because we had a lot of romaine left, I decided to make this a wrap too! Again I lined the lettuce wraps with cheese. This was only eh... but kind of a fun way to eat scrambled eggs!

Ugh, what a bad picture. This is a bowl with 1/2 cup pumpkin + 1 sheet of graham crackers I had for dessert since the breakfast above was really under 200 cals! It's seasoned with a generous spoonful of sugar-free maple syrup and probably half a packet of Sweet N Lo

I think I sprinkled a few oats in there too.

I microwaved the pumpkin first though so it became like a delicious warm pumpkin mash and the grapham crackers gave it a delicious honey sweetness. This was UBER Delicious.

Finally, this has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that I had one with dessert a few days ago and it was spectacular.

It's a 90 calorie brownie about the size of a deck of cards. It's not a volume eat but it's packed full of fiber and it tastes as good as any regular brownie out there.

Definitely a worthwhile purchase.

It's been an interesting week especially because on Wednesday, my fellowship applications went out. I applied mostly in New York, but get this: I wont be starting fellowship for another 1.75 years and yet, I have to apply NOW! Yikes! To celebrate, Boyfriend took me out to one of my favorite wine bars, which is actually a South African place. They serve draft wines and have really unique food. We shared an Elk Slider (Elk is VERY tasty), a portabella mushroom and asparagus dish with cheese, a chicken liver bruschetta (also very tasty!) and South African Chicken Wings (not special AT ALL). Everything was very yummy, including the zinfandel I had =)

Coming up: Another batch of apple pie, another go at baba ganoush and kale chips all combine into a surprisingly tasty lunch. Also on the menu: experimenting with Acorn Squash!



09/24/2011 18:57

great post! love the lettuce wraps, but have you tried tofu cheese? i think that's better than the cheese products. i'd like to know what that restaurant is for my next visit. now that i'm back in the states, i want to try the kale chips. babaganoush is one of those dishes that seems to come out differently every time, so i look forward to your next attempt for some tips! happy cooking!


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