As promised, the Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats. They look much prettier in a bowl and unfortunately the light (well actually, camera) wasn't adequate for capturing the beautiful orange color.

250 calories very well spent =)
The raw oats on top added nothing to the flavor.
(1/2 cup pumpkin puree, 1/2 cup vanilla yogurt, 1/2 cup vanilla soy milk, 1/3 cup rolled oats, 1 heaping tsp chia seeds, splash of vanilla extract, 1/2 packet sweetener, 2-3 tbsp sugar free maple syrup, sprinkle of cinnamon and ginger)
I've been taking them to work with me in little jars but with lecture being cancelled in the morning, I decided to eat a nice healthy breakfast at home. Of course, I added to this breakfast with some cheese and other snackables to bring myself up at 500 calories total.

Here's a shot of the Worlds Most Boring Dinner Salad from the other night.
Ingredients: Sliced (somewhat microwaved) smoked turkey kielbasa
Chopped carrots, some arugula and cabbage slaw, some chopped hot yellow banana peppers and crumbled saltines. It was so satisfying and delicious without being any effort at all. I call it Boring, but it hits the spot every time!

Three nights ago I wanted to make spaghetti squash. I had had one sitting in my fridge for about a week and I thought it was about time. It turned out to be quite a bit PAST the time, as the seeds in the squash had sprouted (they looked JUST like bean sprouts!) and begun to eat away at the squash starch. Actually what makes anything with seeds inside so flavorful is that the fruit/gourd etc acts like a giant egg, providing nutrients (starches) to the little seeds once they start to grow inside. So yes, while it was technically not "bad" part of what makes it delicious had already been consumed. No fear, I made it last night. I got a squash that made a GIANT tupperware of "spaghetti" for only $3! Since I have no concept of portion control, I will probably finish off the whole squash in about 4 servings. Anyway, here's a shot of my lunch-at-my-desk: Spaghetti squash with marinated/sauteed shrimp.

my desk with my microscope =) ----->

Method: Cook spaghetti squash: click here for specifics. Marinate shrimp in Mrs. Dash's salt free marinade (or whatever you like, honey mustard usually works well) and throw shrimp and marinade into a satuee pan (non-stick, sprayed with Pam) and heat the shrimp. Dress the squash with a few sprays of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter and some Old Bay Seasoning (or Italian Seasoning, or garlic, whatever works for you!). Take the whole shebang to work for a great under 300 calorie lunch. It's so filling and it FEELS just like you're eating spaghetti. **A shortcut I use is using these tiny little fully cooked salad shrimp. I always have at least one giant bag of them in my freezer, they're not even expensive and one big bag goes a looooong way!**

And as long as we're on the subject of oldies but goodies, I recently found these great whole wheat/veggie 60 calorie wraps and bought a bunch of packages and frozen them....so I've been making everything into wraps!

This breakfast quesedilla was made with 1.5 servings of Egg Beaters All Whites, 1 serving of smoked turkey kielbasa (finely chopped and sauteed before addition of eggs) and a few tbsp of homemade salsa (thanks mom!)

But then instead of eating it at all like a quesedilla I cut it into quarters and ate it open-faced. Breakfast pizza?!?

I recently saw an episode of Food Revolution (Jamie Oliver's trying to reform children's diets in nutritionally challenged areas) and kids at school were having breakfast pizza. But of course, real pizza. This is 200 calories of the healthy stuff (I suppose you can use real egg whites if you have the time/effort!)!

Oh yeah, did I mention the Laughing Cow Light Blue Cheese wedge spread underneath the egg part? It totally changed around this meal!

Anyway, I've logged 18 miles in the last three days! Phew! My hip is apparently over whatever was putting it in a bad mood before =) =)

In other food-related news, Boyfriend and I arranged for a much needed date night on Saturday and we took ourselves out for a nice heavy Belgian beer and a nice huge pot of mussels at our favorite mussel place: BXL East. Then we went to see an off Broadway play and unfortunately retired early. The night after that was Date Night Part II and it featured an outing to the sushi place that opened up in our neighborhood. Not overly impressive but certainly above average!

In NON-food related news I'm very saddened by the Yankee's failure to continue on in the World Series and feel that unless I want to watch football (which I can occasionally deal with!) my watching-sports-and-having-wings-with-the-guys evenings are numbered =( I do NOT watch basketball so the spring isn't my favorite. Finally, ski season is approaching! Yaay!!

Ok, this post is long enough. Stay tuned for my attempt at Healthy Meatloaf! =)
<3 Dr. Jules


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