Boyfriend isn't around tonight so I am productive. Hot yoga, check. Laundry, check. Make lunch for tomorrow, check. Blog post, almost check.

In a pure homage to volume eating, I made a spicy-sesame cucumber salad. A refreshing, spicy dish that *should* be used as a side, but can be used as a take-to-work lunch when paired with a fruit or a piece of protein.
Ingredients (from left): Balsamic vinegar (2 tbsp), Sesame oil (1.5 tbsp), white sesame seeds (toasted), honey, red pepper flakes, 2 seedless cucumbers.

Not shown: low-sodium soy sauce

Instructions: Chop up cucumbers thinly (bite sized pieces).

Toast some sesame seeds (2 tbsp?) in a pan (just toss them in there on medium heat for 5 minutes)

Combine all ingredients, mostly to taste. The original recipe called for rice wine vinegar (but I don't have this) and miso instead of soy sauce (don't have that either).

The recipe mostly looks like this, except this is obviously from a non-seedless cucumber and given the amount of red-pepper flakes, I'd say this thing was REALLY spicy!

Go easy on the red pepper, it gives it a pretty strong taste. Not too easy though!

In the end, the salad received warm approval from Boyfriend and I also thought it was nice. Though, perhaps it would go best under a salmon or as a topping to some cous-cous.

Note: those 2 cucumbers make about 2 entree portions or 3-4 side dish portions.

Also note: This wont last more than 2 days.
Final note: The liquid that collects on the bottom of the bowl is perfect to pour over rice/cous-cous/fish etc etc. I have a feeling if I were to reduce the sauce before putting it on, it would be significantly more tasty. And salty.... =(

Finally, a quick word about hot yoga. I do hot vinyasa (+/- power) and I just love what it does for me. It totally changes the way my body looks in just one seI had been going to New York Yoga because I had a Groupon, but that's gone now so I had to return to Yoga to the People today.

Basically, it's a cheap ($5/class) way to get your hot yoga fix and they have all kinds. The drawbacks: the place gets super crowded and that means I have to get there super early just to get a place. This also means occasionally, like today, I don't get there early enough and get shut out of my class =( . So I hung around for an hour and went to the next one.

The basic difference between YTTP and any other hot yoga studio is that the classes are only 1 hour and the room is a couple of degrees cooler. Also, they don't do inversions, which I love because I can avoid feeling embarrassed when I don't even try! This all means that YTTP hot yoga is SO much less hateful than the more expensive stuff. I've said this before, I hate exercise. I do it, but I hate it. Hot yoga at professional studios is a really tough experience and it's a struggle just to make it through. YTTP though is a much less hateful experience (so I stuck around for the next class rather than giving up!).

Ok, it's almost 1am (yikes!) and I need to get to bed! Tomorrow I will work on connecting all the posts to the proper recipes in the recipes tab. In the meanwhile, if you're reading this, please say hi, post a comment, a recipe, anything. =)



04/29/2011 12:21

Julie, Congrats on your new blog!
Very Nicely done!
I'll definitely try the sesame-cucumber salade:)

03/20/2012 04:43

Thanks for this great list. It is surely a big help for my link building.


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