It turns out I had to rethink my review of my Baked Tofu and it has now made the cut and will be the first recipe posted in Recipes. Lets talk about what made me change my mind.
Boyfriend is responsible for the spice rack <3
The Living Situation
I recently moved in with my boyfriend (who will hereafter be known as "Boyfriend"). I moved from a studio with a small kitchen with no counterspace to a 1 bedroom apartment....with a small kitchen and no counterspace. We have a lot of cabinets, but I can't reach most of shelves. Heightist apartment designers. Grrr.

So you can see, this blog really is for those who are kitchen, budget, time and ingredient challenged. If you look inside of our refrigerator at the end of the week, you're unlikely to find anything except condiments and beer. If I can make something in this place, you can do this at home too.

In fact, I have followed many a food blog and the common denominator appears to be that it starts out doable and eventually, as the author matures, so does his/her cooking style....frequently far above my capabilities. So I'm going to "keep it real". Seriously. As long as I keep this up.

Anyway, another reason I began the blog was to avoid another inevitability. You see, before me, Boyfriend lived on a steady diet of things that have taken a swim in the deep-fryer, things that lived under a blanket of cheese and worst of all, snacks that came and went from his pantry on a regular basis. Especially chocolate snacks. As a person who is unlikely to let a fried food lie or a chocolate snack go untouched, I knew that I would probably pick up a few pounds. I was right :-(. Now, maybe I'll be a little more honest and a little less likely to graze.

Finally, Boyfriend will come up quite often in this blog, as he is my recipe guinea pig. He will be the deciding factor on whether a recipe goes under the heading of "Epic Fail", "Defensive Eating Only" or "For Public Use". In fact, he liked my tofu so much that he asked me to make another batch, thereby elevating it to "For Public Use" status against my own better judgment.

Ok, back to reality. I last left off Friday afternoon as I left work, planning to go to the 5:15 hot yoga class. I had almost successfully avoided all snacking, but right before yoga these little guys called to me. They were each only about the size of a wine cork though, so I felt justified. After all, I was definitely making yoga. Success: 75 minutes of intense heat, sweat and Ohmming.

More on hot yoga in an upcoming post.

Unfortunately, that snack wasn't the end of the downward spiral that is the usual for a Friday night. As I shook the delicious crumbs off of my fingers, I looked down at my phone to find the Text Message of Doom from Boyfriend: "we are going to all you can eat/drink sushi/sake tonight. Hope you are hungry/thirsty". Sigh. I resolved to count sushi rolls, to keep my sake/beer consumption to a minimum and most of all to stop when I was full.

I did none of these things. I went to bed that night feeling overstuffed with sushi and sake. Sigh. Will do better tomorrow.

FYI: we went to Ashiya Sushi on 1st Ave. Decent sushi at best, but a good selection. Crowded, noisy, long wait for a table. Overall though, the price was definitely right, though I can't put an exact number on it, and with such large quantities of all blurs together anyway.

In the morning, it took a little bit of time to get cracking. I couldn't get my body to decide whether or not it wanted to sleep or to wake up. Finally, when it became absurd to stay in bed anymore we made breakfast. I can't say enough good things about my 5-grain Apples Breakfast. First of all, you can't go wrong with the 5-grains. But when paired with chopped apples and a helping of the Walden Farms Syrups (I used chocolate today, but the Caramel one actually works better), you wind up with a fast, healthy dessert. See my review in Favorite Products.

Here it is:
~1/3 cup of 5-grain cereal 
3/4 green apple, chopped (reserve rest on side or share)
~1.5-2 Tbsp Syrup
Drop of skim milk/water to moisten the 5-grain.

The prep time is essentially how long it takes you to chop an apple.
It tastes a lot better than it looks and looks a lot better when you use caramel.
Mmmm....crunchy chocolaty goodness. I'd clock this in at 250-275 calories at most.
If you are worried about whatever makes the calorie free chocolate taste so good, use the regular syrup, it doesn't add that much and you're already being pretty good.

After breakfast, there was digestion, and after digestion there was the gym. 6 miles on the treadmill. I came home feeling pretty, pretty, pretty good. Boyfriend went for a run too!

After the run there was lunch. Arugula with 1.5 pieces of Baked Tofu, a handful fruit/nut mix and Annie's Naturals Lite Raspberry Viagrette Dressing. Tonight's plans include a trip down to Trader Joe's, mystery dinner and doing a little arts and crafts for Mom's Birthday tomorrow. Hopefully something blog-worthy will happen.

Until then....enjoy the sunshine New Yorkers!



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