I didn't want to blog last night, so I got lazy and didn't. Here's a quick recap and then I'll provide a mango salad recipe (one that I didn't cook last night but have made before, so it's only a little cheating)
Here's lunch: salad with the beef tongue and the TJs chopped veggie mix (serving #5 killed the package and I just used the container to make my lunch=easy cleanup) with kidney beans, feta cheese and arugula lettuce. Also pictured is the remainder of my jelly beans from the day before. I didn't want to bring a fruit knowing that if I did I would just eat both.

I am sooooooo sick of salad. Four lunches and a dinner later and I am jonesing for something more real. Compromised for the next day (today's) lunch.

I cancelled the passover cooking class tonight for the following reasons: $40 to learn to make chicken stock, homemade matzoh balls, gefilte fish and ice cream? Ok, maybe I could stand to figure out how to make a lower sodium chicken stock than the norm. But lets face it, I'm making matzoh balls from the package, gefilte fish is kind of gross and I'm gonna leave the ice-cream making to the pros: Ben + Jerry and the makers of Tasti-D.

So instead I went to the gym, logged in 5 miles (at 6.3mi an hour with water breaks every 1.5 miles = 50 minutes) and headed downtown to meet with a friend.

Two glasses of wine later I knew that I wasn't going to be proud of any food intake tonight. We decided to get Thai at Bodhi Tree. Remember, I did NOT want a salad.

There is simply no way that this night wouldn't refelct poorly on the scale the next day, but I decided to deal with that issue later.

But I did have a salad. As an appetizer. This is actually a really small plate but we shared, so they actually served us twice this amount. As a main course I ordered (and devoured entirely) a mixed seafood sautee in ginger sauce that came with a side of white rice (couldn't stop, ate half).

Now, I clearly didn't make this mango salad, but I've crafted many a mango salad before and now that mangos are $1 each again, I suspect they'll be back on my menu. 

Here's the recipe I use:
1 mango (I will never julienne anything in my life, so I just chop this into small pieces in whatever shape is easiest)
1 jalapeno pepper (take out the seeds!)
1/2 green or red pepper (or 1/4 of each if you have them on hand, makes for a more colorful salad)
A few rings of red onion, or as many as you want depending on how much you enjoy red onion (I always wind up throwing out half of my red onion, does anyone have any suggestions?!?)
Lime (zest and juice)
Other additions that I've found work well: cucumber (tiny pieces) grape tomatoes, some sort of acidic dressing (ginger?)

I also looked up what this restaurant used: mango, shallot, scallion, cashews and avocado with a lime dressing.

These were all great and the avocado changes the texture to somewhat creamy and the cashews added a little protein/crunch. I can see myself using a shallot in the future because it's so much smaller!

These salads are great by themselves (and have barely any calories) but are even better when paired with a mild protein (think shrimp or white fish-cod/halibut/grouper/flounder)



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