Regrettable kitchen vacay. The borscht is still with me but I haven't been cooking as much and eating out/having buffet lunches more. This is bad. I've ended the week feeling kind of lousy and I have a good feeling it has a lot to do with so much mystery food onslaught. I have a really strong stomach, but eating too much creamy, dense, bad carb food has made me sluggish and has left me with a poor self-image =( =( Since I haven't really done any cooking, I'll just post a few meal photos and a quickie Overnight Oats in a Jar process.
Made Overnight Oats in a Jar for Boyfriend a few days ago. He liked it but doesn't feel the need to repeat the experience. Sad, I think it's great!

Bottom layer: 1/2 cup microwaved frozen blueberries (slightly squished)
Above that: 1/3 cup old fashioned oats
Above that: 1/2 cup Nonfat vanilla yogurt
Above that: 1/2 cup Chocolate Almond Milk (unsweetened)

Directions: Stir, refrigerate. =)
It fluffs up and fills up most of the jar in the end.

1 can chunk light tuna (100cal)
1 heaping tsp 0% Greek Yogurt (30cal?)
1 tsp cumin
3 baby carrots (chopped)
1/2 small cuc (chopped)
All together on a wrap with some arugula (another 100 cals)
The cumin is really what makes it sooo yummy. If you're not into cumin, use mustard, especially the flavored kinds!
Total: 250 cal?
Very filling, lots of protein. This is gonna be repeated, often. Well, I don't want TOO much mercury! Maybe I'll switch to canned chicken now and then?

The borscht is still going. Paired with approximately 1.5 oz multigrain bread, 1 tsp Greek Yogurt 0% stirred into the jar before leaving the house = pink soup!

A few carrot sticks and an apple make for a delicious and nutritious 300 calorie lunch. It definitely lacks in protein, but I make up my protein needs in breakfast and dinner anyway.

Today's lunch was great. A half day at work led to lunch at home, on our papasan chair by the window =) =)
A nice bowl of Brussels sprouts (boiled for about 5 minutes) and 2 pieces of chopped turkey bacon (toaster oven for 6 minutes), drizzled in Trader Joes Low Fat Parmesan Ranch dressing on top of a bed of arugula. **TJ's LF Parm/Ranch dressing is the FIRST low fat ranch dressing that I think tastes decent in any way. Thanks Boyfriend's Mom for bringing this stuff into our lives! She also gifted us the bowl!**
On the side is an ear of corn (boiled in the same pot as the sprouts for 5 minutes!)
Check out other Brussels sprout pics here.

Not pictured is a small bowl of cereal with cranberry sam

Tonight we celebrate the end of residency for Boyfriend with his fam. We were planning on going out but he didn't feel well so we are ordering in instead. Hopefully the original idea of Thai will stay put and I can have a Green Papaya Salad! Still no big cooking plans on the horizon, though a spaghetti squash is taking up residence in the fridge. Maybe dinner sometime this weekend?

Have a nice July 4 everyone! My plans include a trip to Staten Island for a poolside BBQ with my parents. This weekend will not help anything, self image wise.


05/11/2012 05:16

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