Well folks, before all this root canal business began, I signed up for a FoodBuzz Tastemaker Challenge (?) with a Heinz Classico Light Creamy Alfredo pasta sauce. The good people at Heinz sent me a free bottle of the sauce and wouldn't you know it, my teeth were so damaged I couldn't even "chew" pasta!

But, the deadline was looming (and has loomed past me already) so I had to improvise.

I realized soon after getting sooooo sick of paying for small bowls of creamy soups in restaurants that I had to branch out. Recently I decided to spring for a baked potato. Sure enough, I was able to get through it with minimal pain and rushed out to buy some for home.

So I got home, opened my fridge and came face-to-face with the Alfredo Sauce. At 60 cals for 1/4 cup, I thought it was a pretty good deal. I also thought it might go really well with baked potato.

It DID! I microwaved this baby for about 7 minutes (being careful to puncture it with a fork before heating). After slicing it open and pushing out the meaty insides, I put in about 1-2 tbsp of the Alfredo Sauce and mixed it up with some S+P. Not only did it taste great, but how pretty is this potato?!? It was cheesy, creamly and oh-so-satisfying! =) Great success Heinz!

Two days later, after singing the praises of the Heinz Light Creamy Alfredo sauce to Boyfriend, he finally made some us of it on a pasta dish. I even managed to get through some that day (see the little cup at 11 o'clock?)

He smothered the penne with the Alfredo sauce, tossed on some salt and topped it with a liberal helping of real parmesan cheese. My little cup had a liberal helping of the sauce with a sprinkle of reduced-fat parmesan.


Here's a closeup of Boyfriend's first serving of pasta. Not seen is the turkey kielbasa slices hanging out on the bottom of the pasta.

The second serving was sans-kielbasa.

The star of my dinner that night was half of this potato (the turkey kielbasa helped with the protein content!).

This is a Korean Sweet Potato.

It's not quite a yam, definitely much sweeter than a potato. It reminds me, if anything, of acorn squash. It was really nice and starchy but had some sweetness to it too.

It's made with some salt and some I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spread.

Also featured: orange water.

My now-bankrupted yoga studio had these pitchers of ice water out before classes that had orange slices floating in them. I was oh-so-pleasantly surprised that the orange taste was not-too-subtle and definitely welcome.

I marinated (?) this water with the orange slices for about 1 hour in the refrigerator and it definitely went pretty fast at dinner. Neither one of us drinks orange juice, but this was a hit.


Here's a shot of the whole dinner along with the branches of red berries that are our late-fall coffee table decor of the year =)

Finally, a note on the personal side. First of all, I began my fellowship interviews with Yale University Hospital. They have a great program...maybe even more than great because of the some of the unique opportunities in tumor genetics. But if I did wind up there, I might have to move to Stamford Connecticut. While I've been yearning for suburban life for a little over a year now, I'm not sure I'm truly ready to make that transition before I begin my career in full. Furthermore, moving to Stamford would still leave both Boyfriend and myself with a 1-hour commute each way. Tomorrow I begin the interviews with the New York programs, where I hope to be as impressed as I was with Yale.

I also decided to begin my month of Bikram Yoga (after the disgraceful bankruptcy of my regular hot yoga studio) and went to my first 1.5 hour class yesterday. It was hot, it was difficult, but I just barely survived. I missed a few postures, but overall, I felt like it was a minor success. My skin was not thrilled and neither was I when I saw all the little red spots in the mirror =( =(

So, thus ends my foray into the truly mushy foods, as I am beginning to tolerate semi-solids now. I have eaten some poultry, salmon and risotto (most notably an amazing salmon/creamy rissoto they served me at Yale). This weekend I truly hope to finally have what I've missed the most: Sushi. =)

I will also be gearing up for thanksgiving. What's everyone's favorite thanksgiving foods?


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