As long as I'm making everyone nauseous, I may as well talk about another romantic dinner thing that has become something of a tradition. The indoor picnic!

This is actually something I've long been fond of as I've lived in many a rainy place (including Ithaca, NY and London, UK). This means that sometimes, the picnic plans get rained out but the produce has already been purchased, so the picnic moves indoors. Now, I plan indoor picnics and enjoy them year round, especially in winter, when indoors is the only way a picnic might happen.
We normally set this thing up on our coffee table and lounge while we eat but we had plenty to discuss, so table it was. Still the concept is the same, some fancy bread, some little finger-food sized meat, vegetables and cheese.

The only thing missing is the wine! But....the reason the wine is missing is that we're heading up to the Finger Lakes for some  hiking/wining and dining and we both have alcohol related events this week, so we're trying to avoid it at home.

Here's my pride: this is my plate (looks a little crowded because I used a salad plate!) and I did NOT go back for seconds on aything but 1 piece of eggplant and zucchini! =) =)
Though, I did have dessert. I wound up putting a little Tasti-D-Lite (chocolate) on some microwaved frozen blueberries and it turned into almost a cold choco-blueberry soup. Soooo yummy!

Allllriighhttt, yesterday's chocolate debacle and a similar situation the day before has prompted me to begin a 7-day chocolate free existance. Unfortunately, our vacation falls directly in the middle of those 7 days, so I'm going to make an exception for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I will also be within eyesight of Boyfriend during this time, and theoretically too ashamed to be eating such enormous quantities of chocolate. This morning I calmly walked by the big basket with chocolate candies (the same one that got me yesterday). Later in the afternoon, I snuck a Tootsie pop out of the thing, so I am still on track.

I wish I could have said the same for the stupid eggplant parm (cheese scraped off) and handful of pasta that I didn't stay away from (despite eating my perfectly healthy, nutritious and satisfying lunch salad). Oh well, guess the day-off from the gym will have to be postponed till tomorrow!   

Finally, I'd like to introduce you to two super low calorie snacks (100 for spicy popcorn and 60 for the cucumber crackers) that I really enjoy. The popcorn is sprayed with "I can't believe it's not butter" zero calorie spray and then sprinkled liberally with cumin and sparingly with cayenne (paprika, garlic powder and any meat/poultry seasoning is also f un). The crackers are schmeared with fat free cream cheese and topped with cucumber slices (Fin Crisp). The Laughing Cow Light Cheese wedges might also be nice on this kind of thing.

Ok, I'm off, tonight will consist of gymming and then going out on the town with the Nurse who does what I can never do: Eat whatever she wants and remain absolutely drop dead gorgeous. =)

I have one more back-post to publish before I head to the Finger Lakes. I can see a situation where Boyfriend may want to study and I will perhaps go back to my old college library (Cornell has such beautiful libraries I almost WANT to take an hour over the weekend and do something in there!) and put up a quick post detailing our outdoor picnics and wine tastings =)



06/17/2011 20:19

great post. i'm a big fan of indoor picnics too. that is a great spread and looks so tasty. i've never thought about cucumber crackers, but i will now. there was a thread about black bean brownies on CC today. haven't made them, but i will and cut them into tiny squares. i also get dark chocolate fiber one bars and slice them about an inch and put in the freezer. better than candy to me. sounds like a great weekend. enjoy!

06/17/2011 20:45


1) Black Bean Brownies?!? I'm going to google them RIGHT NOW!

2) I love those fiber one bars and the idea of slicing them up and freezing them is great. I hope they taste good as frozen treats as I don't see myself feeling it's worth defrosting a little 1 inch square. Either way, I have some Kashi bars right now that I don't love and I bet they'll taste better frozen! Done and done.


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