No salad =( =( =(
So I had some white rice (with some duck sauce poured over) AND some noodles. No beef and just a little chicken with lots of veggies. Ok, I could be ok with all this.
Then there were the two slices of cake. Two! It was light....but I definitely didn't do so well today.

Silver lining (sort of): Just realized that tomorrow will not allow me to exercise, so I WILL have to fit in a workout today after all. This sucks, because as you know, I


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    I'm a recent graduate from medical school and a pathology resident living in New York City. Like most girls living in the city, I've found that a lot of my social life revolves around the regular consumption of high-calorie food and alcoholic beverages. I've decided to start a blog about how I am trying to beat the bulge by eating and cooking defensively between social engagements and how even a busy girl can fit exercise into a busy life.

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