I go to a gym with a Jewish association, so it's closed today. I don't find it amusing at all that my gym closes on days when you're expected to have large meals with alcohol. But there you go. I guess it was time for a day off anyway. At least, this is what my mind says. My scale and my sense of guilt seem to feel differently.

I've noticed something: No matter how well you do all week, staying well within caloric goals, seeing good numbers on the scale, it only takes two days of serious splurging (even WITH exercise) to knock you back a few pounds. Why? Splurging usually means extra salt which means extra water weight. It also means high quantities of food that take some uh...time to rid yourself of.

This means that if you did as I did: eat with abandon on Thursday and Saturday, you will actually see the scale jump on Sunday and Monday. If you're smack in the middle of a feast holiday, this is bad news. I'm worried.

Actually I didn't feel that I did such an awful job on Seder part 1. I had set goals for myself of 1 matzoh ball, 1/2 of a serving of the appetizer Boyfriends mother was bringing, small portion of salad, 1 slice of roast, only a few pieces of potato, 2 pieces of asparagus, 2 pieces of banana chocolate matzoh, 1/2 piece of whatever else was around. 1 glass of wine, 1 shot of liquor.

What I actually ate: all of that plus another 1/4 of appetizer, a few extra pieces of potato and asparagus plus 1 extra glass of wine. Not too shabby considering my usual amazing lack of self control.

Here's the overall damage though: Weight maintenance (for now, I'm worried about what will happen on Wednesday morning!), SOOOO many leftovers: steak, potatoes, eggplant dip, appetizer, matzoh, haroset, fish, matzoh ball soup....it's going to be a no-cook week for me.

Had leftover haroset with matzoh for breakfast today, a salad with spinach/arugula, roasted peppers, eggplant dip and 1 piece of matzoh with a bunch of grapes for lunch. Snacks: 1 piece of dark chocolate (not small at all!), 2 small pieces of cheese.

Unfortunately, the closing of the gym today is paired nicely with the second Seder, at my aunts house. Goals: once again, 1 glass of wine, 1 shot liquor, 1/2 piece of two proteins, NO potatoes, small serving of salad, 3 pieces of apps, 2 pieces of desserts. I need someone to hold me to it.

Other notes and observances: potato vodka, kosher for passover (I think) is amazing!

I'm hoping that tonight or tomorrow I'll have time to update the recipes section of this blog. I will also hopefully start to work on reviews and fave products!


05/02/2011 09:50

Your photographs are really amazing.
Very professionally done!


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