First, I promised (and didn't deliver) photos of the salmon dinner from the last post. This was pretty fast, but really delicious. In fact, having paid for a salmon dish while out at a restaurant the night before, we both felt that this meal was far superior.

The asparagus (courtesy of Boyfriend) was grilled on a grill pan (a very very worthwhile purchase) after being sprayed with some olive oil (my olive oil mister is also one of my favorite kitchen gadgets!) and generously seasoned with S+P + some lemon juice.

The salmon was also sprayed in oil and sprinkled with S+P (both sides) and baked at 375 degrees for about 20-30 minutes. I actually cut up an onion and put the salmon on a bed of sliced onion rings and put a few on top too. Unfortunately, by the time the asparagus was ready to come out of the pan, the salmon was still completely raw in the middle, so I pulled it out of the oven and stuck it on the hot grill pan (re-Pammed) for about 8 minutes on each side. The oions, which went all around the salmon on the grill pan after baking, were amazing! They had salmon juices on them which just made them so flavorful!

The sauce was a hastily whipped up cilantro-yogurt sauce (click for recipe) that I had made and loved before.
I guess it's about time to discuss why I've not posted for so long. The meal pictured above actually happened 2 weeks ago (so I've been REALLY bad at posting!) and can be considered my "last supper" of sorts. My friend Nurse Z came over for a girls night that consisted of too much wine and stinky cheese (our respective Boyfriends don't appreciate stinky cheese so we figured we'd have it without them). We also rounded the meal out with some healthier options. Though it's safe to say the wine and cheese were the main staples.
My staple for healthy entertaining is, of course, chips and dip.

This is the baba ganoush (halved recipe) made just a little bit extra-special with the addition of 1/2 of a sweet yellow onion, sauteed in a non-stick pan until brown and transluscent. Blended with the eggplant it gives the dip a sweet, oniony taste that is just fantastic.

Also featured: Kale Chips, made with some nutritional yeast sprinkled on top most of the way through cooking. Yum!

Also, my third attempt at acorn squash went over quite nicely. Not surprisingly, the secret is to NOT UNDER-COOK IT!

This time I seasoned with a healthy dose of cinnamon, ginger and just a sprinkle of ground cumin, which made quite an impression on Nurse Z. Cumin is always amazing.

Finally, some chopped grilled zucchini sprayed with EVOO and seasoned with some S+P (maybe even a little too much). Grilled until super soft. Tasty and healthy. Took away the guilt of eating soooo much cheese and drinking soooo much wine. Well, at least until I saw the scale in the morning =)

So....why was this my last meal? Well, the day after I got a raging tooth-ache, scheduled an appointment with a dentist and found out that I had to have a root canal. Then I found out I had to have a second root canal because the damage had occurred between two teeth. Finally, the day after I began my root canals, I developed a toothache on the other side, necessitating a third (!!!!) root canal.

For the past three weeks my diet has consisted of homemade soups like this pumpkin one right here (not geat): In a saucepan heat and stir 3 servings canned pumpkin, 1 cup chicken stock (added more and more until desired consistency was achieved). As the mixture gets warm and begins to bubble I added about 3 tbsp greek yogurt and some cinnamon, ginger, cumin and salt. Finally a little white vinegar. It was only ok. I am just glad I was able to dip some bread into there.

I ate a LOT of cauliflower. You can see the cauliflower mash recipe from a recent post or head over to Recipage if you're catching up, hopefully the recipe will be posted by then.

I found that the best thing was to add in some sharp cheese (fat free is most calorie-friendly, full fat or part skim is tastier and gooyer) and use a veggie stock as the liquid. It also goes well with a dash of cumin.

I went shopping and bought myself this pretty blue ceramic bowl and matching tiny ceramic spoon at Crate and Barrel in anticipation of a looong period of eating things out of bowls. This bowl is small but it's gotten a lot of mileage for cottage cheese and yogurt. They've been mixed with raspberry preserves (pictured), pumpkin and various other sweet goodies. Most importantly, you don't have the chew yogurt or cottage cheese. =(

Finally, the very vast majority of my meals have consisted of Campbells Soup. I prefer the Healthy Choice, 98% fat free cans because they are low sodium and are calorie friendly. I skinny these up by A) spooning out 2 tbsp (and sometimes 3) of the soup mix out of the can and flavoring it up by adding veggie/chicken stock instead of water. I think it's silly that the soups come in servings of 2.5, as if you are making a Campbell's soup for a family meal. I go ahead and eat the whole can/pot but at least I know some of it is gone. I'm a big fan (or at least I was two weeks ago!) of the cream of chicken, mushroom and cream of celery soups.

I actually have a post in the works right now for a baked potato (other foods I can eat) and will discuss a recent trip to an upper east side wine bar that is so fantastic I just have to rave about it a bit.

Until then! Ciao!



11/13/2011 05:27

wow, what a mouthful. sorry to hear about your dental nightmare. i love the idea of cooking the salmon on a bed of onion. i look forward, not as much as you do i'm sure, your cooking solid foods!

11/17/2011 10:08

Hi Serenity,

Actually the salmon didn't pick up the onion flavor as much as the onion picked up the salmon flavor! Also, I waaayyy overseasoned the outside of the salmon but it worked really well because of course, the interior of the fish was unseasoned.

Yes, solid foods are a must but I must admit, my squash-cooking abilities have flourished quite a bit since the dental procedures. Have you ever tried acorn squash? Sooooo good!


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