This is definitely a bit labor intensive but it's completely worth it. Plus you can make a bunch and keep them around for at least 3-4 days in the refrigerator. Once cooled they transport very easily in a little tupperware and make for a great easy lunch too! The Mediterranean ingredients marry really well and make this a light yet hearty meal (consider the greens, the protein and the dairy!)
The Meat
6-7 chicken tenders OR 4 chicken breasts

1) Thaw if neccessary and marinate the chicken in your favorite stuff (I like the Ms. Dash line)
2) Butterfly the meat (click here for tips)
3) Wrap the meat in plastic wrap (make sure to give it plenty of room) and beat it to death with a heavy pan on your counter.
    -Not do death, lets just say until flat!!
4) Fold beaten meat over so you have a "pocket"

The Stuffing
2 servings fat free feta cheese (2 oz)
A big handful of spinach
1 tbsp truffle-flavored oil (you can also use any olive oil and add some actual chopped olives, pine nuts or sunflower seeds)

I also added a splash of lemon juice and a sprinkle of S+P.

Mix it all together really well (the feta should turn green from the spinach)

The Process
Spoon out one giant soup-spoon full of the stuffing into each chicken tender (I had a total of 7 tenders, but again, super small)

If your chicken tenders don't roll so well or you have little faith that they will stay together, you can put a toothpick through horizontally to keep it together while it cooks.

The Cooking
Coat a non-stick pan with cooking spray and lay your chicken tenders down on one side.

Allow them to cook almost all of the way through on each side (4-5 minutes, be patient!) and use tongs to carefully flip them over on the other side.

If you fear one side hasn't cooked enough, don't worry, flip again. No big deal. You'd be surprised at how NOT fragile these become.

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