They key to keeping these tacos low calorie is simple. FIND GOOD TORTILLAS!! Most supermarkets have many different kinds of tortillas. Most of them have upwards of 150 calories in them but if you just look carefully you will find a few varieties. Specifically, there are a few tortillas and wraps, most notably Mission and LaTortilla Company that produce large, tasty 80-100 calorie wraps. I've even seen them at 60 calories at Trader Joes (though they're not *as* yummy). Secondly, forget the refried beans. Opt instead for corn or fresh beans. Or put on a dallop or two of salsa. Those two tips alone will save you 100 calories per taco. Want to save more? Nix the cheese, I have found that I don't miss it. The salsa offers plenty of flavor. Even a little mustard helps! For a summery feel, use cucumbers, cilantro and add in a fruit (apples, mangoes, pears...)
Ingredients: 1 tortilla or wrap, uncooked shrimp marinated in a sweetish marinade (honey mustard/barbeque...), finely chopped mango, 1/2 finely chopped jalapeno (ribs and seeds removed), cilantro, canned corn kernels.

Throw (or place!) the shrimp on a pam sprayed with cooking spray and cook until they are turning opaque. Flip. When down, slice up into bite sized pieces (or eliminate the work and just use tiny shrimp, which are also fully cooked!)

Toss everything together in a bowl. To assemble: spread salsa and/or mustard on tortilla, throw on a bed of sharp greens (spinach, arugula, radiccio?) and spoon on some salad. Each taco comes out to about 140 calories (with 80 calorie tortilla) and is super-filling!

Notes: Yesterday, Boyfriend decided to make tacos since we had all these tortillas lying around. He wanted to buy ground beef but thought I might be mad (true!) and decided to go with ground turkey. He added way too much sodium-heavy spices but in the past I've just added some salsa or some combo of cumin/cayenne/salt/pepper/italian seasoning/garlic/marinade/bbq sauce. Verdict: "I couldn't tell the difference between the turkey and the beef in the end"! Well I had to try a forkful of this and I concurred. There you have it: switch turkey for  beef, add spices, decrease calories. =) 



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