Another great meal for a hot day or a warm evening at home.

Cut the watermelon off the rind (doesn't have to be triangles).
Spray the pieces down with a little olive oil (optional) and put just the tiniest bit of salt on one side. Repeat with pepper.

Prepare a grill pan on medium heat. You can Pam the grill pan or if you have an outdoor grill....I don't know, I have never had one!

Grill until you see marks on both sides.

**Caution** they continue to let liquid out as they cool so a) conserve the liquid, it's tasty and b) if you put this in a salad right away it will get soggy.

The base of the salad is the watermelon, lettuce (I think arugula is best, but spinach is great too!) and a crumbled cheese (by taste, a goat or a gorganzola would be best. By calories...fat free feta. Guess which I used).

Note on lettuce: The darker lettuce may contain iron, it's better for you than any of the light green stuff.


Finally, add something crunchy for texture. I like a soynut/dried fruit/walnut mix.

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