This post actually starts on Tuesday (see I'm sooo behind!).

The crazy heat finally broke and it was a little cloudy but with a very welcome breeze. So, I decided to bring the heat back by going to hot yoga! It was great, I sweated out all my toxins and afterwards, I made plans with a co-worker to put them back in.

BXL East (also on the west side as BXL Cafe) is my hands-down absolute favorite mussel place in the city, and I've tried them all over the place. It helps that this great little Belgian place also has a nice draft beer selection, a nicer bottled beer selection and very reasonable prices.

We shared a Moules Provencale (tomato, garlic, fresh basil) and each had one Maredsous (8% ABV) and another beer each (I had the Gulden Draak at 10% ABV). This tasted sooooo good but sent me home with a tiny headache. Totally worth it!

And, when I got home I made a big pot of Veggie Cous Cous.
1 cup cous cous
1 cup vegetable stock (unsalted)
1 long seedless cucumber
Handful of little tomatoes (cherry, grape, whatever) cut into small pieces
2 rounds red onion (left over from gazpacho night)
Bunch of basil
Seasonings: S+P, vinegar, lemon pepper seasoning, Italian seasoning. Whatever you usually like.

Instructions: Chop all veggies, bring liquid to a boil, season, cook cous cous for about 3-5 minutes before adding the raw veggies (point is to just get them warm).

This giant bowl represents a little over 1.5 servings of this for about 300 cals.

Unfortunately, I must go because I'm exhausted from the fishing trip with my dad (more on this later!) and am looking forward to an easier month with much much more food blogging.

Have lots of good stuff for you guys. Stay tuned.


08/01/2011 07:57

cous cous...the food so nice...they named it twice :)

08/02/2011 10:37

ditto, kathleen! and with those additions - fantatic!


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