The Jewish Holidays (at least for me) are over! The last one is a doozy, with a 25 hour fast and multiple stints at services. That last service is a doozy too, because everyone is starving and the rabbi ALWAYS goes for a few extra minutes, you know, for our souls.

Well anyway, breaking the fast was maybe a disaster. I came home and chugged two bottles of water (thirst is always worse than hunger) and sat down to a delicious dinner. But my aunt and uncle were late, so while we stalled a little I inadvertently drank 2 glasses of wine! (I meant to drink 1). Ok, maybe not a DISASTER!

Honestly, I figured a nice big dinner would drown out the wine. It did not. Especially since I continued to sip on the wine through dinner. I started with some appetizers including this tongue on bread with red horseradish you see here. VERY Russian!


This completely multicultural meal! At the upper-most corner, barely visible is the gefilte-fish. Then going clockwise is a Brussels sprout and forest-picked mushrooms salad (thanks mom!), a fried fresh-caught fish (thanks dad!), a tomato and mozarella dish with some basil on top and a salsa (also homemade) in the middle.

Never one to be without two main courses, my mom also baked this Blackfish stuffed with leeks. The fried fish over it is kind of assorted (a cod, a striped bass and maybe some blackfish?)

To top off the meal, I had a few bites of dessert (Rugalah). Sadly, the real end to my night was a headache =(

And NOW, for a new Overnight Oats In A Jar recipe! This is Pumpkin Pie In A Jar. Seriously, it tastes like a nice slice of pumpkin pie, but fills you up like nothing else and is really healthy and perfect for breakfast. Even on the go, since you can just eat it straight out of the jar like I do. Maybe tomorrow I'll eat it in a bowl at home and at least have a nice picture of the thing.

The base (190cals):
1/2 cup vanilla yogurt (I use Dannon Light N' Fit)
1/2 milk (I used vanilla Slender Soy milk, SO GOOD!!!)
1/3 cup rolled oats

The add-ins: 80 cals?
1/2 cup canned pumpkin
2 tbsp sugar free maple syrup (or regular0
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp chia seeds
Feel free to add 1/2 packet sweetener.

Finally, you leave it all in a jar in the fridge overnight (don't have a jar? Use tupperware...a bowl, whatever!

In the morning it comes out looking like this. The perfect oatmeal texture, but just a little bit chewy because the oats are rolled.

For a porridge-like texture, use the instant oats. I've tried and loved both but have the rolled oats on hand now.
Total damage: 270 cals. Tastes like: at least 1.5 slices of pumpkin pie (500 cals?)

Lunch that day was a simple affair. 1/3 of a extra-firm tofu packet baked in the manner of Baked Tofu and slathered in BBQ sauce as it baked. Actually I baked these in a hurry in the morning and as a consequence they did not bake enough and were....not quite tasteless but not quite tasty either.

Still this was a nice lunch. 1 whole wheat wrap (60 cals) + 6 slices of tofu (130 cals) + some cabbage with dressing (50 cals?)

I tore the wrap into quarters, put a little bit of lettuce down and then put a slice of the tofu on top. Then a quick little 4 bite-sized roll up formed!

This was really great, actually. It took a while to eat and was easy to do at my desk while waiting for more work to arrive. =(

Anyway, I think that's all for now, food wise.
Some things coming up: fellowship interviews (hopefully!), engagement parties, 10 year high school reunion (!!!!)...

Today was a hot yoga day. I've been doing more recently because running is less comfortable, but oh man, I had by a** handed to me today. Even when I came in the room was hotter than normal and the instructor changed around the sequence of poses. The poses themselves weren't hard but this was the first Yoga To The People Class that I just couldn't make it through. I had to take breaks!

I came home and all I wanted was a big bowl of Brussels sprouts, but I added a tiny bowl of Boyfriend's pasta to that, so I'm thinking I lost the calorie battle tonight. Oh well, tomorrow's another day. I'm gonna make myself a nice jar of Pumpkin Pie oats and head to bed!



04/13/2012 01:15

This meal looks delicious and after a glass of wine it must have tasted excellent. Wine surely opens up your appetite and when the food is so lovely you can not control yourself(at least I can't).

08/17/2012 02:28

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