Today I came home early from work to find something I have never seen.....Boyfriend has spontaneously decided to cook. Well....relatively speaking. I walked into the apartment just in time to scare the s**t out of him while he was rolling matzoh balls.
This is Boyfriend matzoh ball soup!

But that wasn't all!

Having devoured the passover dessert I made, Boyfriend didn't wait for me to fulfill my promises to make more. Looking in the refrigerator I found this -->

I'm going to take this as a compliment to the passover dessert =).
Actually one of these is dried fig under the chocolate and walnuts.

One word of advice, Boyfriend: If you only cover the bananas in teh chocolate there will be nothing to stick them to the matzoh...

Consider the drizzling technique or drop some chocolate down onto the edges.

But it's so pretty!

Finally, there was this beautiful concoction. This represents some of that raising/cherry/cranberry mix I had used to beef up my triple-berry bran muffins sitting on a nice bed of chocolate. It's like gems!

Well played Boyfriend, well played.

Having this much chocolate covered goodness in the fridge is DANGEROUS.

As it turns out, because I'm having a friend over today (the infamous friend from the second post with whom I unwittingly consumed half of a bottle of wine along with apple pie and pizza) these chocolaty treats will come quite in handy. I can even give her some matzoh ball soup!

But...there is still the matter of more leftovers. And never to be underdone, I have produced this: A slice of leftover roast topped with fat free feta cheese (crumbled) and chopped roasted red peppers.

Before this little girls night in, I pounded out 6 miles on the treadmill plus 20 minutes on the elliptical (I didn't need it but was reading a magazine and didn't want to bother dragging it home!) so I feel pretty good.

I'm going to write about this in another post, but seriously, I hate exercise. I have every mile I run and every yoga class I go to. But....I loooove to eat and I loooove to fit into my I pay for my pleasure. You don't have to like exercise, but if you don't think you can live on the six-small-meals-a-day diet or the fish-and-brown-rice diet or any of the other things out there, you make time and you put up with the workouts. Mom...are you reading this?

OK, time to drink a very large glass of wine, meat and chocolate, guilt free, thanks to the workout.



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