** Second post today-decided to catch up instead of being outdated!**

I'm getting pretty nervous about being able to roll back this weekend bulge. First of all, yesterday's lunch was SUSHI, which is pretty hard to resist. Still, this plate had only about 500 calories (perfect!). But then...then....I went back (twice!!) for white rice and sauteed veggies. Why?!? Ugh, I decided to call lunch 800 cals, but it was probably 900. =(

 This is especially dissapointing because as soon as I was done gorging myself, Boyfriend reminded me about our upcoming celebratory dinner out. Steak Night at Del Friscos. This is going to be Trouble (capital T).
Why the celebration? Well, I'm proud to say that Boyfriend is completing his third (last) year of residency and starting his gastroenterology fellowship. As you can probably imagine, between me (pathologist) and him (gastroenterologist) our conversations can get pretty yucky! I have to consciously stay away from that stuff on the blog!

After such a splurge-y lunch I figured I should at least pay a visit to the hot yoga studio. I ran one (10 minute) errand 4 blocks from the studio and walked outside only to be hit by a DELUGE of rain that left me (and my umbrella!) soaked through and through. Even worse, I was the very last person to get a mat spot in the class meaning that I had to take the hallway spot =( I was in a total huff but since the humidity was so high, the room was super hot and my spot still got me nice and sweaty!

There's absolutely nothing that I hate more than being dissatisfied with a class, especially when I pay for it! Waste of time and money and too few calories burned. Terrible feeling. What's your biggest fitness pet peeve?

Eventually, I came home, ate a light dinner of just snacks (obviously I wasn't hugely hungry after such an absurd lunch!) and made this. It's kind of like my Summer Sauce but with cilantro. I'm calling it a Cucumber/Cilantro/Yogurt dressing. It was unexciting. Definitely would have been better with  basil and even better with mint! Cilantro was on hand though. Even more unfortunate: I had an idea that this would  be good as a dressing and as a dip,  but it came out too watery, so I came up with the genius (sarcastic) idea of adding in a handful of oats and blending again (then refrigerating overnight). The texture was certainly  better this morning, but the bready taste wasn't really ideal for a dip OR a dressing. Sigh.


1 medium sized cucumber (peeled and seeded)
1 small clove garlic (grated) *garlic powder will do fine*
1/2 cup Greek Yogurt (Fage 0%)
1 lemon (zest and juice)
S+P, lemon pepper  

Blend all ingredients together. Taste test for seasoning.

I did take the dressing/dip to work this morning and it actually did provide a delicious, cool and refreshing taste to my boring lettuce/cuc/tomato salad I stole from work  yesterday (pasta on top). Miscellaneous snacks brought this meal up to 500 cal.

Breakfast was another attempt at a Peaches and Cream Overnight Oat Jar (not pictured, looks just like  yesterday's) but I pureed the frozen peaches in the milk/yogurt base before adding the oatmeal. Verdict: frozen peaches are just not good for this thing. It was still tasty, just not great. Snacks with breakfast also came out to 500 cal.

My plan for the weekend weight rollback is the "Eat breakfast like a king (queen), lunch like a prince (princess) and breakfast like a pauper" mantra. 500 cal for breakfast and lunch, work out and then attempt less than 500 cal for dinner, putting me at less than 1200 cal net (I know this is technically "too little" but it does leave room for the snacks that find their way into my mouth seemingly of their own accord). To be perfectly honest, 500 cal breakfast and lunch is a LOT and people have actually made comments on how MUCH I eat. So if dinner is a little light, I don't feel that I'm denying myself anything.

It's also Day 7 of chocolate detox, which means I *can* but don't *have to* have chocolate tomorrow! Maybe I'll make some sort of chocolaty breakfast and hit two birds with one stone!

Finally, with the help of jarred jalapenos and fat free/reduced fat cheese I hope to create the jalapeno/cheesy corn bread muffins I've been going on about for ages.

Adios amigos
<3 Jules

P.S. You wouldn't believe what I'm craving right now: cauliflower! I wish I could justify buying some but there's just too much stuff in our fridge right now. Including beets! Borscht?


06/24/2011 18:30

who could resist sushi?! still a healthy lunch. and the dip/dressing looked good, maybe a tweak. the fun is in experimenting, but the downside is sometimes eating the experiments! peaches are picked so early i guess the frozen ones don't develop flavor. wish i liked oats. what kind do you use?

06/26/2011 07:17

Hi Serenity,

Actually the extremely high sodium in soy sauce prevents sushi from being totally healthy, but it's still a worthwhile treat =)
By day II of the dressing, that stuff REALLY grew on me. I wound up putting it inside of a salad wrap on some chicken and lettuce and it worked well too. In the interest of using up the cilantro I think I might even make it again! As for the frozen peaches, I think it's a disgrace to sell them, they taste like nothing =(
Oats: I use old fashioned rolled oats. Oats by themselves take getting used to. In the Overnight Oats In A Jar scenario, you can barely taste the "oats" they just kind of add a lot of volume and fullness to essentially a dessert yogurt.

I made another cold soup this weekend, you REALLY inspired me to make soups, I've literally never bothered to make my own soup before but I love that I can control the sodium levels, which I find to be completely outrageous in store-bought soups. (Unlike most youngish people I don't seem to deal well with sodium, so it's something I think about).

Lastly, I will make those brownies!

07/19/2011 12:16

I like any potato's but it is not healthy. Dr. please advise if you have some potato's recipes.

07/20/2011 04:26

Hi Ark,

The best thing you can do with a potato is bake it. This leaves for a pretty bland potato, but you can easily spice it up. Consider plain Greek yogurt (instead of sour cream), scallions/chives, fat free (or reduced fat) cheese and I happen to like honey mustard (though some people feel this is not as tasty). Other great toppings include turkey bacon or turkey sausage.

If you are boiling your potatoes, make sure to mash them with low fat or skim milk, or buttermilk. You can add in the same things you'd put onto a baked potato to enhance flavor.

If you MUST have "french fries" make sure to bake them. Use just the barest hint of oil and add on rosemary or oregano or thyme and bake at a high temp (350-400) until they begin to brown.

Always consider using sweet potatoes or yams because they are quite a bit better for you.

Finally, if you REALLY want to go healthy and barely even miss potatoes, check out some of my cauliflower recipes on the Recipage. If you blend/mash steamed cauliflower, it tastes and feels JUST like mashed potatoes!

Good luck, let me know if any of these help!


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