Oops. Well, I DID promise that I wouldn't be cooking every day or blogging every day. More pictures soon, maybe?
Friday I took a non-sick sick day from work to go hiking. Saturday I did an autopsy in the morning and we went out for comedy and a birthday party in the evening and today, I finally did a minimal amount of cooking. But you have to read (or skip) to the end!
But sadly, it was gloomy and the trees didn't have their leaves yet.

We went with some of Boyfriend's college buddys, one of whom was a regular Bear Grylls. Luckily we brought along so much food there was no need for him to begin to feast on insects.

Note: Hiking on passover = epic fail. Matzoh got crushed in the backpack. I could have seen that coming. I was literally salivating just looking at the sandwiches the guys brought.

It was cold, but we managed to enjoy ourselves.

Yes, Boyfriend is indeed a handsome man. But I guess he'd prefer people not to know.

Aaaannndd there's me, blending right in with the scenery without my scarf and Yankee hat.


Later there was this. The leaning tower of Jenga. Attempt #4 finally reached the ceiling. I had 2 glasses of wine while watching this and from what I understand, once I left, the game became Drinking Jenga.

So, to bring us all up to date, I went to Josie's after hiking/Jenga, which was pretty good considering I couldn't eat half the menu and I reserved half of the portion for lunch later. I was actually a little hungover but my headache cleared and we saw Water For Elephants, which was simply a perfect amazing chick flick.

Not much to say about Saturday. Had to do an autopsy, major =(. We made the most boring salads ever (my only comment here is that keeping shrimp in the freezer is the best thing ever. I have a giant bag of frozen mini cooked salad shrimp and uncooked but deveined big shrimp). We then went to a comedy club (I had to take alone my own potato vodka in a flask --> money saver!) and then out to a bar with my college buddys, who say they read my blog and I love them dearly.
Today, another autopsy. Damn, yo!

Came home, got really excited for CRAB NITE! Basically I go out, spend a lot of money ($37/2ppl!) on giant crabs legs, heat them and eat them like a cavewoman. I don't want to explain this, it's messy.

But here we are. I DID make something. Though two giant sets of crab legs do the trick for me, Boyfriend needed more. I present to you the perfect baked/mashed/stuffed/HEALTHY potato!
The 1.5x Baked Potato (with cheese AND meat)
I microwaved this guy (he's a big one) on high for 4 minutes (pierced the skin a couple of times), slit him down the middle and scooped out the insides into a little bowl. I put the skin into the toaster oven at 375 degrees.

To the scooped out potato, add a tbsp of chevre (the super-soft) goat cheese and a chopped up piece of turkey or beef bacon and whatever spices you like. Salt/pepper are necessary of course. Also a splash of skim milk. Microwave for 30 sec.

By the time you're done, scoop the mashed/smashed potato back into the potato skin, bake in the oven for another 10-15 minutes and voila!

Health factor: Not too great. The potato itself racks up about 200-250 calories, add to that 30 calories of turkey bacon + maybe 60-100 calories of cheese + 30 calories skim milk: 450 calories. For myself, I would probably omit the cheese, even it out at 350 calories. It's definitely hearty enough to have as a breakfast (with a fruit).

But, for those who aren't eating defensively, or for those who want to make some comfort food for someone else, these are pretty good. Also doable: split in half an share.

Now I'm making spaghetti squash. I doubt that attempt #1 with a new squash will turn out well.

Buh bye!



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