That should have been the title of my last post!
Well, since this post contains cooking with egg whites and grocery shopping, it still works!

Actually, I'm pretty proud of myself lately, I've been working with the groceries/freezer items on hand a lot lately instead of buying more stuff. A few weeks ago BFM (Boyfriend's Mom) dropped off a couple frozen tilapia filets and I haven't had a chance to use them since we've had plenty of FRESHLY CAUGHT FISH (!) to work with.

Anyway we were all out of fresh fish and sick of eating poultry, so I defrosted these 3 tilapia filets in a shallow dish with egg whites.

To add flavor: 1 part balsamic vinegar, 1 part low sodium soy sauce 1 good squirt wasabi mustard.

I whisked (spooned?) this together to create a nice thickish liquid which I poured in the marinade. I swirled the fish around in it and let it stand for another twenty minutes.

While the fish was defrosting/marinating I put together our rice side.
Ingredients (from 12 oclock)
1/2 cup wild rice
1 small shallot, chopped
6 rehydrated shitake mushrooms (stems removed), chopped
1 cup liquid that the mushrooms had rehydrated in.


First, I sauteed the shallot until it was translucent and beginning to brown. I added the mushrooms, sauteed for a bit and let stand.

Then I brought the mushroom liquid to a boil and dropped in the rice. I closed the lid on the pot and let that simmer for a while. Eventually I had to add up to a 1/2 cup water. I added it a little at a time as I saw the rice drying out.

A few mins before the rice was tender, I dropped in the mushrooms and sauteed shallots.


The rice was well underway so I started to swirl the tilapias in a shallow dish filled with panko bread crumbs and black sesame seeds.

The coating didn't stick THAT well so sometimes I used my hands.

I cooked the fish on a pan with Pam, 3 minutes on each side. Medium heat. Easy peasy.


The most important thing to remember when cooking a white fish is that you have to sometimes break apart the filet to see what's inside.

What you want: a flaky, super-white flesh
Raw: tan glistening flash. Doesn't come away easily

Finally, they opened up a supermarket near us called Fairway. It's supposed to be all the range with organic this-and that but honestly, I'd rather it be a Trader Joes.

Anyway I did go and picked up all this: kale, two types of shredded cheese, 4 yogurts, 4 "100-calorie cheesecake yogurt" snacks, liquid smoke, bunches of lettuce, string beans, carrots, a shallot, lavash bread, grapefruit and I"m sure something else.It all came out to $40. Maybe this place is more awesome than I thought!

Ok time to sign off and head for bed!
Dr. Jules


08/15/2011 06:14

that looks so great. i have to get the dehydrated mushrooms sent to me. i just have to mention that i was watching barefoot contessa last week and she pulled out her immersion blender and said how much she loved it!!
i made some great quesadillas the other night, but i have to start making my own salsa. do you or have you?

08/17/2011 15:26

This made me wish wish wish that I liked to eat fish.


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