Wow, summer just EXPLODED in NYC this week! Too bad I would cooped up at work way too long all week. But now I'm out and I've been cooking! Well more accurately, I'm just going to continue on from the last post, when I had teasers. =)

Too bad I didn't take a picture of today though. We took such a lovely 4 mile run (short, but sweet) in central park and then picnicked with a couple that I know and their dog. Our picnic was wonderful, one bottle of white wine, one nice fresh bread boule, some goat/brie cheese hybrid, LOADS of fresh fruits and veggies. Yum. Still though, summer outdoor picnics are my biggest obsession so you'll be seeing that soon I'm sure. Today looks like it's turning into an alcohol-heavy day. A friend will be coming over for a beer imminently. So I'd better work fast!

So I went out and found a bunch of really cute glass jars at a dollar store (yes, I shop at dollar stores!) so I bought three medium ones and two giant ones. Obviously, I need to find or cook things to fill them with. First up:
Cranberry Jam

1 12 oz package of Ocean Spray frozen cranberries
1 cup water
1 tbsp sugar
3 packets sweetener

I added a cinnamon stick, for fun =)

Bring the water (with the sugar and sweetener) to a boil

Then drop in the cranberries and turn the heat down to a simmer. I was impatient and started to pop them with the back of a spoon handle, but I *THINK* they will do this by themselves anyway.

Keep simmering for up to 10 minutes.

Careful, it splatters!!!

And will turn things like wooden forks and other porous things bright red!

At the end, it gets kind of jammy, like this.
Mmmm.....spoon licking was great.

Then you have to be REALLY patient and let it cool, though I would seriously recommend letting it cool in a glass jar container. Much faster.

After cooling it develops a very jelly-like consistency.

NOTE: I like it tart, but some people would probably be better off with another tsp sugar.

Also, it goes best on top of some fat-free vanilla yogurt, so that provides sweetness too. Plus it looks really pretty.

Last note: the skins DO remain in the mix so if that freaks you out (they can be chewy), strain the jam after use.

A few words on the volume factor.

Here are 2 same-size tupperware containers.

The one on the left contains 167 calories of spiced/baked chickpeas (also coming soon).

The one on the right, about 40 calories of cranberry jam/spread/sauce.

That morning I used the sauce on 1) a smart bagel 2) in the vanilla yogurt (as above) and 3) just ate some with a spoon.

The chickpeas were gone in 25 minutes (though they were very satisfying and probably worth the 170 cals from the protein/fiber etc that they provide)



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