Why are my soups always so "meh"? They're not bad, and they're warm and cozy and usually quite pretty,  but they just aren't that great! Maybe it's my reluctance to use cream/butter/oil/beans/lentils?

Anyway, with TJ's Seeded Bread it was pretty nice and savory. But I wasn't really satisfied with just the soup so I also bought a pack of Pop Chips. These are soooo  yummy but guess what, on the ingredient list, they don't actually list potatoes! Sure, potato starch and potato flakes, but I don't think that's the same thing! The Seeded Bread, on the other hand, is amazing. So delicious and has something in it that makes you think of parmesan! Yummmmm. =)

Continuing the soup chronicles (my teeth are ALMOST DONE!...but not quite yet and I had many appointments this week) is a V8 Broccoli soup. I bought this kind of on a whim because it had a decent profile (180 calories/2 servings, 40% sodium...which is actually good for canned/boxed soups!). It was actually pretty yummy and VERY VERY creamy. Kind of tasted unnatural though (big surprise). Up after that was a Sophie Banana Cream Pie Greek Yogurt (0%) with a 1/2 serving of low fat graham crackers "dissolved" inside. This yogurt is ah.mazing! It is so creamy and flavorful and SO HARD TO FIND even in Manhattan. But now that I know where it is, I suspect I will be paying a few extra $$ to get it. The graham cracker becomes soft when mixed into the yogurt and makes it really taste like a banana cream pie, complete with crust. For those of you with intact teeth who want chew, just don't mix them in. =)

Continuing on (these are not consecutive days, but I did eat soup a lot as the temperature dropped and my teeth became more sore!) another broccoli soup, this time by Imagine. Now I had already tried the Portobello Soup (also 180 cals/36% sodium) and found it to be a little lackluster but overall a winner since it was cheaper than the V8. The Broccoli (at 120 cals/36% sodium) was similar. Not as creamy, not as flavorful, but with the bread it turned out A-OK. This whole lunch: 2 slices light bread, 2 pieces Laughing Cow Light, 2 servings soup, 2 clementines and 2 pieces of chocolate was just about 400 calories. This was great because it had a lot of variety and took a nice long time to eat! =)

Sigh, soup isn't only for lunch. This is a Campbell's Heart Healthy Cream of Chicken Soup (210 calories/2.5 servings, somewhat higher sodium). I actually probably only had 2 of the servings since I always dump out a soup-spoon full of the soup and add more water (more soup, easier to dissolve!). I always have to re-season with some cumin and pepper anyway. Sigh. This is my stand-by soup.  It's satisfying and voluminous and most importantly-cheap. Does the job.

Bean dip for an app.

Actually my teeth are ok with some chew. So I could have, say, 2 celery sticks without being miserable. But I can't have anything where I have to take big bites like a sandwich.


This TJ's Roasted Red Pepper Tampenade (super low-calorie, super healthy) is delicious. It's well seasoned, tastes SO FRESH and comes in a darling little jar. This was a super-thick spread on a piece of Seeded Bread, but even a nice thin spread is more than enough.

I think this was something I actually had for breakfast one morning. The bread softened with the tampenade.


Finally, a tiny little snack  before bed: a tea for one and a cup of watermelon pieces =)

One last bit!

Lunch was a bunch of arugula, a sliced up turkey sausage and a "dressing" of leftover bean spread. This was simple and tasty,  but nothing to write home about...but I guess it was something to blog about!

My New Years Resolution? To post more! And to really post meals. I  know I've said this before and statistically I'm likely not to do it. Oh well. =)

Now that the holidays are over I think I can finally avoid drinking more than 2-3x/week! Phew, my body was NOT having any of that and was just expanding out of spite. Grr. One wedding coming up (but it's actually a 2-day affair) and then quietness for a while. Yay!


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