No picture taken, but this morning I had a jar of Overnight Blueberry Oats (plus a little snack) and felt uncomfortably full. I am learning to REALLY respect these Overnight Oat Jars (and will therefore come up with a better picture soon!) and feel like next time I do it I wont even bother with the snack!

Ok, on to a recipe:
I'm not going to pretend this was a very recent meal. This one was made on Saturday night, but I'm only posting it now. There's no need to pretend that I cook every night!

Saturday night was rainy, gloomy, misty and altogether unpleasant. A perfect evening for a good, hearty meat and potatoes meal! Sadly, this was only really true for Boyfriend. Me? I had snacked my way through breakfast and lunch (had to work Saturday, snacks were my reward!) with the assumption that I would compensate with a bunch of calories burned at hot yoga. was some sort of gentle nonsense and I felt like I accomplished nothing.

Still, I didn't want to deny Boyfriend aaannnddd, my mom had gotten me this cute little casserole-for-one bakeware. Actually I don't know, it seems a bit big for one, but it's not enough for two.

This is my version of Shepherd's Pie (the 1/4 piece was my share)
Substitute cauliflower for the potato top, substitute turkey meat for beer, a peppered panko crust for gravy!
It's a very photogenic meal =)


Clearly, it went over pretty well. It wasn't the least energy-intensive dish, but then, I wouldn't have made this guy on a weeknight!

Cauliflower: 275g (about 2 cups?) -75 cal
Shredded Cheese: 2 servings fat free cheddar, 1 serving mozarella (but I wound up taking a handful out because it seemed a bit much) - 160 cal
*Call it something a little less than 3/4 cup total*
2 spicy uncooked turkey sausages  -300 cal
2 heaping tbsp corn and black bean salsa - 50 cal
Salt, black pepper to taste.

This really is only 5 ingredients, about 585 calories (probably less since I took away some cheese and reserved some mashed cauli)!

1) Remove casings from *uncooked* spicy turkey sausages and sautee on medium heat, breaking up the pieces with a spoon (yes, you can just use regular ground turkey meat and spice it up how you like-red pepper flakes, etc etc)

2) While the sausages are browning, steam the cauliflower (7-8 minutes?)

3) When the sausages are just browned, throw in 2 heaping tbsp of your favorite salsa (you can also use canned peas/carrots etc but I think the salsa adds a lot of moisture) and give it a mix.

4) Throw the steamed cauli into your food processor and add the cheese (and a little water/milk/chicken stock). Make sure to add some salt and black pepper at this step. The cheese will melt and produce a "mashed potato" consistency and a "cheesy mashed potato" taste!

5) Finally, begin to layer. Bottom layer: sausage with salsa. "Paint" or "slather" the cauli mash on top. Finally, sprinkle a nice healthy layer of panko bread crumbs on top (about 1/4 cup adds about 55 cals), but I think it's optional. Bake in a toaster oven in the little casserole dish (or oven) at 375 degrees until the top begins to brown.

Turns out there was too much cauli mash so that went right onto my plate and into my belly =)

Mmmm.... I love dinners that leave plenty of room for dessert. I'm assuming a quarter of the Shepherd's pie was just under 150 cal and this little bit of mash was a little over 50.

Personal notes: Tomorrow is free-lunch-at-work day again, so I have another chance to test my self control. I'm not sure what the situation will be but I hope this time there's a salad.

Goals: Nooooooo pasta! (The pasta they always have is COVERED in EVOO). If it's sandwiches, stick to 1 half or if 2, good healthy choices and leave half the bread. I'll be helpless against dessert, so I'm going to try to at least cut something in half. Salad. Lots of salad!

Last personal note: Took the Relentless! class again tonight and my upper body is reeling! I do a lot of running and yoga, but upper body work is something I rely on an instructor forcing on me! Ok, it's late and I want to go to enjoy the rest of my evening =)

<3 Jules



06/22/2011 20:15

I could never substitute turkey for beer lol

06/22/2011 20:33

Ahh, thank you Kat, you never fail to disappoint where technology fails =)

Mistake fixed, good pickup. Yes, turkey for beer seems like a poor substitute, I'd much rather have a nice cold one =)


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