Dilemma: Tonight is date night and we are doing dinner and a movie (Bridesmaids!). This morning was not a low-calorie experience and I don't have any plans to do any heavy working out today. Here's the kicker, they're serving a Thai buffet at work today AND it's my bosses birthday so there will be a cake.

Silver lining: there's always a lot of good salad to go along with the unhealthiness and in a crunch I can pound out a quick 3 miles between work and dinner and movie.

I'm really, really, really hoping that I can follow the goals I've set for myself: Giant bowl of salad topped with shrimp (preferably) or chicken and maybe some of the thai veggies. Half a spring roll is allowed. No rice, no noodles, no beef. 1 small slice of cake.
I will even attempt to photograph (discreetly) in order to maintain honesty.

Silver lining #2: There's ALWAYS leftover salad so I have a ready-made lunch base for tomorrow.
Silver lining #3: Tomorrow I can have lunch at the lunchspot with the pink flowers again!

Recipe (sort of): Last night I came home a bit late from the new workout class and made myself mashed and cheesy cauliflower in about 20 minutes that tasted better than mashed potatoes!! (Well, I think so, Boyfriend just said it was yummy,  but potatoes are better). I don't have pictures, but it was about 1 cup/100 calories (consider what a cup of mashed potatoes would cost you!).
200g cauliflower (steamed)
1 serving fat free shredded cheddar (~30g)
1/2 serving part-skim mozzarella cheese (~15g)
Salt/red pepper flakes/italian seasoning to taste

Throw all ingredients into a blender/food processor and let 'er rip. It's kind of tough to get it going but the results were amazing =) You can always add a little bit of the steaming water to get it thinned.

I'm a little concerned that knowing how easy it is to ake good eggplant and having discovered cauliflower (yes, discovered, I've literally never used it before) I will make all my meals with those two vegetables. They are SO  hearty and SO low calorie (how??) and apparently can be made into anything from breads/crusts/pizza toppings/dips! 

Now, I've been hearing about zucchini bread quite a bit recently. I see that as a distinct possibility in the near future. 


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