Touche hormones, Touche.

I almost completely forgot about you and was ready to blame my eating/exercise habits for the scale being mean to me for the last couple of days. But they were, staring me in the face in the mirror, the little red bumps on my face telling me that yes, indeed, hormones DO need to be acknowledged. Thank you, hormones, for the reminder. I'll also go ahead and blame you for my scale being unimpressed with my self control.

Speaking of self control...

Yesterday was the medicine-sponsored happy hour and Republik Beergarden (definitely not worthwhile, small claustrophobic place with terrible beer selection!)

My goals: 2 big beers/3 small beers/3 well drinks. (/=OR not AND!!!), 3 finger food samples, small healthy dinner
My achievements: 2.5 big beers, NO finger foods, 2 sushi rolls (though one was kind of big and had tempura in it)

Actually because this was a combination of 2/6 salmon avocado, 3/6 white tuna, 6/16 of two special rolls, it felt great because of all the variety!

But this story is about my greatest success of the evening. After sushi, I still wanted dessert. I didn't need it but I wanted it, and felt like I deserved it. The sushi place didn't have anything appealing, and I really wanted something warm. So I went home, chopped up a green apple, heated it in the microwave and poured some caramel syrup on it.

Lesson: Do NOT heat green apples. They lose their flavor AND become rubbery.
Success Story: Despite dessert still being a little tasty, I left most of it. It wasn't what I wanted and didn't taste good enough to keep eating. So I stopped. If you're consistently capable of this, kuddos. Me, this represents a great success. So.... ;-)

I happened to be trolling the web today at work and found an interesting article about self control, though only semi-specific to dieting: Self-Control Article in Time Magazine. The gist is that self-control is a limited quality, so if you use up all your self control making healthy eating choices, you will be cranky and aggressive elsewhere. Yeah....I'm sure low blood sugar etc has NOTHING to do with that!  Anyway though, I am hoping that by developing a long-term healthy eating habit diet, I can avoid using up my limited self-control on healthy and low-calorie breakfasts/lunches (because my body will be getting what it needs and that's that).
The scale didn't give me any words of encouragement this morning, and I'm going to try to be good today with nice normal meals, exercise, no snacking and enjoying the evening how I want to.

Here's breakfast: 2/3 cup fat free cottage cheese (also strongly preferred to it's fatty cousin), microwaved frozen blueberries, maybe 1/4-1/3 cup of oatmeal on top for crunch and some calorie-free chocolate syrup. Giant bowl=200 calories. I think with the coffee and some upwards rounding, I'm going to give this morning 250 calories.

And to dodgeball, where I hope to dodge, duck, dip and dive my team to success! More on this later tonight.



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