Yup, things have gotten pretty uncreative and simple in this kitchen. Lots of salad nights happening. That, and defrosting is the only thing keeping us fed when we get home after 8pm each night!

To be fair, my job isn't THAT bad, and I'm getting home at 8 because I am still hitting the gym every day (I wish I could stop snacking myself into the extra calories I have to burn off!!) but there's a lot of standing involved, and a lot of stress. So exercise is almost a must!
What can I say about these salads? 1) They are a better meal than a beer and 2) They are super fast and can be easily made for 2.

I'll quickly describe one typical evening here in the Drs. C-N apartment: I come home after work, quickly throw 2 turkey sausages from the freezer into a bowl of warm water and hit the gym. Come home at around 8, either I or Boyfriend will chop up 1 pepper, 1 tomato, 1/2 long cucumber and split the piles in half (his and hers). **Yes, vegetables are one of the few things I actually share equally!**

Not pictured: As we chop, we sautee the turkey sausage, ~6 minutes whole on the pan (Pammed) then chop that up and sautee some more (~2-3 min).


Into each of 2 bowls goes a bed of lettuce, 1/2 of the veg pile, about 1.5 servings of fat free feta (for her) or a bunch of goat cheese (for him) and a few chickpeas from a can (or black beans if we've got that open).

On top goes about 1/2-2/3 of a turkey sausage (for her) or 1.3-1.5 turkey sausages (for him) and some Annie's light dressing. Boyfriend will also pair his salad with bread or croutons. I sometimes don't bother with the dressing and throw on some plain Balsamic vinegar.

Final tally: 100-115cal for the sausage, 50-55 cal for the cheese, 100-120 cal for remaining veg, 45 cal for dressing (the last two are high-balling it!). Total damage: ~250-340 cals (very filling salad bowl!), loads of protein from the turkey, garbanzos and cheese + lots of veg!

Things to stay away from when making your own salad at a salad bar or deli counter: "saucy meats" like buffalo/pesto chicken, full-fat cheeses, corn, sunflower seeds. These are high calorie and low nutrition (comparably).

I've also been practically living off of the Brocoflower soup all week (though now it's gone).  This is a better picture, I put it in the previous post too!

Do you have the discipline to eat "leftovers" for so long?

It's ok, I've varied it with different add-ins =)

And finally, never one to deny myself dessert (or even make it into a whole meal like this "dinner") sometimes I'll treat myself to a bowl of Tasti-D-Lite (something I generally keep in my freezer since I have one a few blocks away!) or sorbet with toppings. I usually choose (heated) frozen fruit and some favorite cereal.

This is a chocolate/caramel Tasti-D-Lite (6oz) with 1/2 frozen blueberries and two handfuls of FiberOne Honeyclusters. Damage? A mere ~200 cals and this is a BIG bowl!

What's your favorite high-volume/low-guilt dessert treat?

Anyway, it's almost midnight and I've stayed up solely to write this blog post! Hope it gets read!
Sweet Dreams
<3 Jules



Dr. Stanley
07/15/2011 13:40

I did get read :)

07/16/2011 09:51

those look delish, esp for the hot weather, and very satisfying with all the flavors you combine. i do enjoy leftovers, thank goodness, but hit the wall after 3-4 servings even with changes. no dessert ideas.


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