This is how I ended my night yesterday. Tell me these aren't the saddest looking "muffins" you've ever seen?

Equally annoying were the package instructions: cook at 350 degrees for 25-35 minutes. Pfffft. This took an hour or more! (Though probably I could have shaved 15 minutes off since these felt a little overcooked). Dissapointed in you, TJ Brand.

This made me very sad.
The red plastic muffin "tin" however made me very happy. Two minutes out of the oven and the thing wasn't even hot anymore. I popped those things right out onto a plate without having "wait 12 minutes for the muffins to cool". Who has THAT kind of patience?
Probably the same people who wait an hour for muffins to cook. Sigh.

Admittedly, they look MUCH better on a plate.

I covered these with foil and hoped that Boyfriend would taste and review in the morning. To my surprise the review was positive, though early in the AM it was also terse: "They were pretty good....hey what happened to the muffin-tops". Well played, Boyfriend.
Soon I got to taste one too. I don't know if it was my addition of the dried raisins/cranberries/cherries but it really did have a nice, heavy, filling and sweet but savory flavor. Unexpected thumbs up!

Here's breakfast. That thing in front is a muffin split in two.
Could have used a little jam or even a spray of butter. Hmmm...tomorrow morning.

Not pictured is the 1/2 cup oatmeal with milk and chocolate syrup I had as seconds. Grrrr, stop!!!

This is the last of the fresh blueberries so the frozen ones are going to come back into rotation.

Remaining plans for today include lunch, hit the gym right after work and right before heading to a passover cooking class with my good friend. Passover is gonna be tough. Might be trying out Z's recipe!


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