Well, it's Thursday which means it is the day that I "prep" for the weekend. Generally this means being super healthy, exercising a lot and in general being crazy, knowing that the weekend will bring unhealthy tidings.

Right, so I haven't been good about taking pictures for 24 hours. But I'm more motivated again, so they'll start up tomorrow. Breakfast was one of the few remaining muffins, a 1/3 cup oatmeal and probably a little snack or two. Plus, my favorite, a way-too-sweet coffee.
Lunch was a sandwich: one slice rye bread (yum) more beef tongue with arugula (snore!), a tiny tiny little apple (which was cuter than it was tasty) and a pear yogurt (alright for 80 calories and it had actual chunks of pear in it, so this was probably the highlight of the meal). The drink is water, just forgot my water bottle at home today.

I have big plans to have a healthy dinner, exercise, clean and cook tonight. Boyfriend is on overnight call so I'm all alone and intend to take up my time with a nice late hot yoga class.

Fast forward: I'm sitting at my computer, it's 11:10pm and I've been pretty darned productive. I'm done with dinner+finale of Top Chef (brussel sprouts and some snacks), ran 2.5 miles, did 65 minutes of hot yoga (I STILL can't make it through a full class), showered, cleaned up the kitchen (muffin tin is a PAIN to clean!) and am in the process of making "hummus". My phone/camera just died so I'm recharging it while I type so I can provide pictorial evidence throughout my hummus making process.

The Hummus
Lets begin with the explanation. I LOOOOOVVVEEE hummus but I find that it frequently has too much useless oil in it and the tahini paste, which is a sesame paste is REALLY high in fat and not that high in flavor. So I've looked up tons of hummus recipes to find ones with less/no oil and less/no tahini. In a stroke of genius I've combined a few simple ingredients to make a really yummy, nutritious red pepper/feta "hummus" with much fewer calories.

The Ingredients
1. 1-15.5oz can garbanzo beans (chickpeas): reserve the liquid in another container
2. 2 servings of Fat Free Feta Cheese (this is firmer and saltier than it's Fat-Full cousin so I think it's better even disregarding fat content)
3. Zest and Juice of 1 lemon (or a few squirts of lemon juice to taste)
4. Roasted Red Peppers (I buy these in a big jar, they'll sit in the fridge for months even after opening)
5. Salt and lemon pepper (sprinkle liberally then add more to taste)
6. Optional: chipotle chilli pepper, seeds removed (again, a can of these will go a long way and last for months)

Throw all these things together into a blender (I like Magic Bullet) and give it a nice long spin until creamy. Use the reserved bean liquid to achieve desired consistency.

Divide this into 3 portions for about 420/3 --> 140 calories. This is a BIIG main course style hummus serving though. I'd say about a 1/3 cup. Honestly, I usually run out of dipping vegetables and finish it off with a spoon.

Last note: The chipotle pepper is super spicy, so as a first time, just use a sprinkle of cayenne or nothing at all.

This is what it looks like when done. It's pretty organge.
As I've written before, yoga tends to zap my appetite, but I didn't have dessert with dinner so I'm going to sit down and watch an episode of House (they played the theme song during yoga and now I'm in the mood) with a nice big teapot of Chocolate Almond Tea (Talbot's) with a splash of milk. Mmmm. Wow, I can smell this all way way in the next room while I blog.

11:45-Will also give myself a manicure and see if Boyfriend notices it's a homemade one!

Goodnight! =)



04/08/2011 12:22

I am definitely going to try that hummus recipe. I'm a huge fan of it and I concur on your assessment of the needless oil and tahini. :) Thank you for posting this recipe!

04/11/2011 01:55

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