Since my last post, many days ago, so many completely food-unrelated things have occurred that I almost don't know if I can accurately account for all of them! I guess I'll start with a piece of good news. Last Friday I received an offer for the fellowship position I went to interview for. It was unexpected because usually there's some waiting time between the interview and word of acceptance but they made me the offer on the spot so now I know what I'll be doing for the next 2.5 years of my life! =)

Immediately after, I began my weekend on call. My calls are usually pretty tame, but this time, despite my desire to celebrate my new job offer, I got chained to the hospital until 9pm, only to return at 11pm and I only got home at 1 in the morning. The next day I tried Bikram Yoga for the first time. It's 1.5 hours instead of my normal 1 hour hot yoga class and it is much more than 50% more miserable. I hated almost every one of those 90 minutes but the next day when I saw what my body looked like, I made a resolve to return. That day I got paged in a few more times and went to a darling little french restaurant with my parents to celebrate the job offer. The food was mediocre, though I had my first beef bourguignon which tasted remarkably like any other beef stew I've had. Later that night we saw a movie about extreme skiing which was pretty good, though long and got me excited about the upcoming ski season. That ended at midnight and I got called in again at 2am and wound up sleeping at the hospital, only to go home at 7am and be paged back again at 9am. Came back in around 6pm and finally Boyfriend and I had a delicious feast of sushi. I didn't take pictures because I was euphoric/exhausted. I did take the time that weekend to buy myself an extravagant pair of boots as a gift to myself. Later this turned out to be a less-than-stellar decision.

Why? Because the final billing came in for my root canals and it is going to be unaffordably expensive even though I have dental insurance. Floss people! Don't be like me! So that was bad news. Then my phone got stolen, AT THE DENTIST'S OFFICE, which was more bad news. It had some pictures of food-related stuff on it that I hadn't uploaded into my computer yet. So I finally got a new phone (more hemorrhaging of money).  This weekend was phenomenal, more on that later. Lets talk briefly about food.
I decided I wanted some more hummus for the week before thanksgiving, something tasty, versatile and healthy. I also decided to switch up the chickpeas, so I suppose what I really made was a bean dip.

1 can (15oz) pinto beans (drained, but pour about 2-3tbsp of the bean water into the blender)
2 servings (2 oz) fat free feta cheese
3 or even 4 servings of roasted red peppers (to taste)
1 lemon: zest and juice

Optional: 1 chipotle pepper, seeded


Once blended it had this really great orange color to it and the consistency was just a tiny bit more liquidy than traditional hummus.

For something thicker, just omit the bean water.

For less sodium, use low sodium beans and use low sodium stock instead of the bean water.

I wound up putting this onto cous cous, as a dressing in a falafel salad and onto chicken breast in a wrap. Definitely a multi-purpose item!

I also cooked up another batch of spaghetti squash, which I am quickly learning is an obsession!

This bowl has the spaghetti squash with a splash of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray and a 1/4 tsp of red chile sauce (you can sub in sriracha or any other hot sauce). Be careful though, a lot of traditional hot sauces are loaded with sodium. The chili sauces are practically calorie free and sodium light.


Another picture of the bowl. I promise the next post will be much more interesting since I have a new phone (read: camera) now!

Finally, I went home for a day before my interview with Yale University and my mom made this vegetable soup with a super melt-in-your-mouth meatball for me because she knows I'm having problems chewing.

As for this weekend, I'm going to keep the teasers going. Lets just say there was a lot of looking back and also looking towards the future. Instead, I'll talk exercise! I switched up my regular routine of ~3 monthly hot power vinyasa yoga sessions with a month of Bikram Yoga that I had a super-great coupon for. Best stuff ever!

Anyway, Bikram Yoga is 90 minutes long (as opposed to the 60minute power vinyasa) and while the activity is easier, it's also a lot hotter. Frankly, in the first 4 classes I hated every one of those 90 minutes but have since learned to only hate 80 out of 90 minutes (today was the 5th class). much as I hate it, I love how happy it makes me with my body, and with multiple weddings and other events to go to in the upcoming months (not to mention a super-romantic ski vacation!) I'd better keep it up!

Anyway, I'll admit that this post kind of sucked but I promise to do better next time, and now with my fellowship sorted, a new phone in hand and a few cool dishes I've come up with in the past few days, I'm ready to unleash a better quality of blog post!



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