The blog is back and rolling, not that I feel like I have any sort of real readership. But something about it is comforting so I am glad I can keep working on it. If it had been shut down entirely, I would have stopped.

Anyway, I'm  back and don't have any NEW recipes,  but I will soon (tonight?) post a few lunches/dinners/breakfasts that I've cooked up since my last post.

Just a quick digression though: Valentine's Day was yesterday. Did anyone do anything special? And if so, did anyone make dinner? I feel like going out for dinner on V-D can be really tough. It's hard to make a reservation and all the restaurants have limited pre-priced 3-course menus. I can't think of something less romantic than stuffing myself with 3 courses on a day when I'm supposed to look sexy! Anyway though, Boyfriend was on call Tuesday so we boycotted V-D and are having a date night tonight. He got me a gift, I will be cooking him something that used to moo. =)

Stay tuned for the V-D post! It will NOT be healthy, it will NOT be low-cal and I will NOT feel good about eating it but will just have to turn those feelings of guilt into some more intuitive eating next week (holiday and vacation-free, no excuses!)


02/18/2012 09:27

hi! still reading and enjoying your posts even when you eat out. i'm big on hotel room eating to save for special dinners also.
i've been doing some nice cooking - mostly stews that i take pictures of, but aren't so pretty. your photos turn out so well.
keep up the good work! i like your knew featured recipes and little tweeks.

02/20/2012 18:30

Hi Serenity,
Thanks so much! As for the photos, I just take mine with my iPhone. It's really nothing special! Do you make your stews in a slow cooker? I love stews but don't have a slow cooker.

02/20/2012 20:13

hey, it came to my email, but i'm sent here to reply.
i do both depending on ingredients. i've just been doing them on the stove. if i'm doing one with un-cooked meat (i use leftover from a roasted chicken or whatever if any). with back and pain issues i use any and all short cuts - chopping veggies and saving for multi-use, cooking meat with neutral seasoning, then put together in different ways. i've been suggesting your site to some friends who are on a weight-loss goal. wish i could do the yoga, but not hot!

02/21/2012 08:12

Hi Serenity,

That's so awesome that you're spreading the word, thanks so much! I am a huge fan of round2 recipes (as Sandra Lee would say) and I do the same thing. I've used all sorts of leftovers in salads mostly, but have baked leftover proteins into muffins too and thrown leftover fruits/desserts into yogurts. My next post will actually discuss just that! =)

03/16/2012 02:35

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03/25/2012 13:24

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