I met my goals! I have NEVER met my goals before (see previous post for goals). To be absolutely fair there were substitutions, though I feel that they were probably pretty worthwhile. For example, I had 2/3 of a glass of wine and no shot of hard liquor and instead head a few extra helping of eggplant and root vegetables. Good trade, yes?

Actually, one of my favorite food bloggers, Kath, stopped drinking alcohol almost entirely once she started to blog. Honestly, though I don't think I drink a lot, I do have a few drinks per week and I promise my readers that I will continue to enjoy glasses of wine or beer as well as desserts. I will also never grind my own flour or make things from scratch when I can just as easily get them pre-prepared (without sacrificing health or taste!)
Russian Passover!!

Nothing much to say here, except that there were a lot of toasts, a lot of Manischevitz and a lot of food!


Problem with Jewish Holiday Feast Days? Leftovers!

We have so many leftovers in our fridge, I'm feeling quite a bit of pressure to eat a lot of food just to finish it!

On top of it, I want to start cooking again...more pressure.

On top of THAT the gym was STILL closed today. But, there have been two feast days and the weekend before wasn't that great so I had to resort to last measures. Did I sneak into the gym in my old apartment building so I could run off 4.5 miles? Yes. Why? Because I may or may not have eaten a LOT of chocolate today.

Anyway this has been very much about me, so I'd like to be a little more general. A little fluctuation around the holidays is expected. In fact, defensive eating is all about dealing with this kind of thing. I can't say no to delicious things spread in front of me, so instead, I wait until the feasting is over and I spend a few days in a row being a little more regimented.

More to the point, this week my plans with my friends include a glass of wine at my apartment, a movie, possibly hiking, dodgeball....all things that don't involve eating out. I make sure that I have time to go to the gym before socializing. I'll be missing restaurant eating for a few days but I should have thought of that before taking the extra piece of chocolate covered matzoh.

By the way....chocolate covered matzoh?!? AMAZING. And sooooo easy. Matzoh year-round, here I come!

I'm still hoping to keep updating and have put up a few more recipes. Will also be putting up favorite products.



04/22/2011 05:46

Sounds like it has been a pretty easy passover so far. It is true, chocolate makes everything taste better. Also, impressive amount of leftovers


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