As I've said, I'm really looking forward to rolling back all the damage I've one all weekend with too much food and too much alcohol. Honestly, it's not fair that weeks and weeks of staying healthy can all be totally demolished in just 3 or 4 splurge days, but what can I do? Nothing. I'm not even weighting myself for a bit under the assumption that things aren't going to look good and I just need to be nice to my body for a week or two (1 or 2 splurge days per week/NOT in a row!).
I really wish there was a way to avoid consuming so much alcohol in NYC. Yes, I can hold a non-alcoholic beverage to give me the "feeling" of drinking, but I've acquired a taste for good beer and good wine. Shame on me. ;-) In fact, now that we've finished all of our Wolaver's Coffee Stout beers, we invested in a Rogue Chocolate Stout. I guess with summer upon us, I'll be looking for more IPAs and Belgian Wheats to stock the fridge.

As a quick FYI, my mom's art show was this past Sunday and I'm really proud of her. A lot of people came out to see her work and everyone was suitably impressed. My big mistake was that I didn't set goals for myself like I've done in these things in the past and way overdid it and felt awful. I even went to hot yoga a few hours later and just barely survived.

Tomorrow my friends and I are going to try and get together for Pub Trivia, so I can assume I will have at least one beer there. Hopefully my  body wont be too upset with me.

Now, as promised, The Chronicles of Leftover Salmon.

Salmon Oatmeal Pancakes (taste much better than they sound, promise!)

Ok, I'm pretty sure these are my own invention so I will have to vouch for them if someone tries them and isn't pleased.
This is a double portion recipe, or a his and hers if you will. Really easy to split in half OR just save one pancake for the next day.

1/3 cup egg whites (1 serving)
1/3 cup oats (Old Fashioned)
Leftover poached salmon (use smoked salmon or any kind of cooked salmon here)
1.5 tbsp (eyeball this) fat free cream cheese
1/2 tsp baking powder
Salt/pepper to taste

Things to consider adding: scallions, garlic, dill? I didn't have these on hand but if you do, give this a try.

First, break up the salmon into fine little pieces. I took forever to do this because I didn't want to dirty any more than 1 bowl, 1 pan so I did it right in the tupperware.

Mixing all ingredients gives you something like this. It aint pretty, though the colors look nicer in person.

Don't worry if it looks a little runny, it'll get solid on the pan!

Get a pan nice and warm and spray it down with Pam.

Grab half (or divide portion into 4 small cakes) and pour on the pan. It wont solidify immediately but if you agitate the pan and the cake moves, it's probably a good time to think about flipping.

Here's what it looks like once it's flipped.

I did make myself a teensy little one first just to make sure that salmon pancakes weren't EXACTLY as gross as they sounded!


The End. The big one on top is his and the small one underneath is hers. In reality, he at his for "dinner" at midnight when he got home from work (sad face) and I ate mine the next morning with a drizzle of the Summer Sauce from the previous entry.

This whole recipe barely comes to 400 calories (depending on size of salmon leftover) meaning hers was less than 200. It DEFINITELY filled me up while still leaving room for a fruit/yogurt/both that satisfied my morning sweet tooth. On top of that, these babies have TONS of protein and omega-3 fatty acids (hello, salmon!) and fiber (oats!) so I call these a win.

Finally, lets discuss leftovers. As a non-native American, I tend to be a lot more lenient with my food. This means I allow leftovers to hang out for longer without worrying about spoilage and I don't hesitate to save things like this. These pancakes were gone less than 12 hours after they were made, but I also made them in the evening the night before I ate mine. I left it on the counter (not even refrigerator). So, the lesson is: don't scarf your food, it's not going bad as fast as you might think! Don't throw away either. It's only bad when it tastes/smells/looks DIFFERENT.

Thats not to say I never waste. I can't EVER use up all my herbs or scallions or celery before it turns bad. Celery is the worst culprit because I feel like even eating it plentifully doesn't allow me to finish just one package before it becomes limp.

Ok, I'm out of here. BTW, I don't know if I'll cook anything at all tomorrow but I do have a Doughy Overnight Smoothie sitting in the fridge, getting all mixed up and waiting for me to blend it tomorrow. Now that I've fine-tuned it, I will post pics etc! =)

Till tomorrow!


05/25/2011 13:42

i absolutely agree with your thoughts on leftovers and i really enjoy seeing how you use yours. i keep looking for ways to eat oats b/c i'm not an oatmeal fan (unless they're in cookies!), but this recipe sounds so good. so did the sauce. i can see having a hard time waiting for leftovers to make those! :-)

05/27/2011 03:28

Hey Serenity,

I hate hate hate to waste stuff. I'm not crazy green but I was born in a country at a time when food wasn't plentiful so I don't like to throw away food (and of course I try to use tupperware etc instead of disposable containers). Making something out of leftovers to avoid having to re-eat the same meal is something I've always been into. I'm sure you'll see more posts about that too!

P.S. I almost used the imersion blender yesterday for my baba ganoush and then chickened out =( Was afraid of making a big mess!

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