New Rotation Lunch Spot!!
This month (at a stark contrast to last month) I am working normal hours and most importantly, those hours don't wear me out nearly as much. Plus, check out my new lunch spot! So I'll be getting home at 6pm every night and even with a trip to the gym, I should be able to get cooking by 7:30 or 8pm. Of course, I'll still be doing a lot of prep work! =)

This post will be devoted to my to-go breakfasts that I've had over the past stressful month. My leisurely breakfasts with a book were no longer an option, so I had to pack most of them. I'm so glad I made that cranberry sauce and that my freezer is full of frozen fruit =)

At the risk of being dull with titles, I didn't call this one Things to Put In Jars Part III, though I may as well have!
These jars are pretty great, for less than $3/piece. But what's greater is the puffed cereal things that I found in the health food store (costing way less than the Quaker brand or any brand name cereal). From the left: puffed kamut, puffed corn and that dark little jar all the way on the right is TJs wild rice (featured in the creamy mushroom rice recipe)

Puffed kamut? you ask. Well, I had no idea until I just googled it  because when I bought it I thought it was puffed wheat. Whoops. What an awesome mistake though, this "Great-great-grandfather of Grains" thing is way better than puffed wheat. Same calories too. Score! The puffed corn smells and tastes a lot like Kix cereal (just less than half the calories of Kix and way less than half the price).


First up, the cranberry vanilla parfait. This one I actually DID have time to eat at home, but since I was using the last of my homemade cranberry sauce (I think I'll be making more of this STAT since it went so well with EVERYTHING!) I just plopped some light vanilla yogurt on top of the last bits of the sauce/jam right in the jar. Then I some of the puffed kamut and a bit of puffed corn and used my long spoon. Yum!

Note: these don't really give any crunch because they get soggy fast. But they add some nice cereal flavor.

Here's a less-than-stellar shot of a to-go doughy blueberry smoothie.

1/3 cup old fashioned oats
1/2 cup light vanilla yogurt
1/2 cup skim milk (I miss my chocolate almond breeze already!)
3/4-1 cup frozen  blueberries
1 tsp chia seeds
Topped with a few handfuls of puffed corn (ghetto Kix)

And more to-go stuff: the usual pear salad. I've not even had time to vary my diet =(

But this is about 3/4 of a pear (Anjou is my fave!) - the rest is part of breakfast - cubed,
a nice big heaping handful of spinach or arugula (preferred) and some fat free feta cheese crumbles. All this doused with fruit-flavored vinegar and a baggie of puffed kamut to sprinkle on top  before eating.

Finally, I have improved on the original baked tofu situation.

1) I don't soak the tofu in soy sauce or anything but try to get all the liquid out by pressing it flat between two paper towels (I slice up the tofu into thin pieces, place on a paper towel on top of a cutting board and place another paper towel on top. Then I weigh down a second cutting board with a heavy pot and get the tofu nice and dry.

2) I paint it with some honey mustard marinade (bbq sauce or any marinade will probably also be fine)

3) Bake in a toaster oven at 375 degrees for about 10 minutes on each side (the first side takes longer, 12 mins?)

I will call these 3.5 pieces about 100 cals total (the other half piece was the taster!). I chopped them up and put them in my pear salad when I ran out of feta cheese. It worked out really well and added some much needed protein.

Ok, gotta run! Teaser for next post: cauliflower pizza crust (no flour, no butter, no oil and still sooooo tasty!). Nurse Z gets a nod for turning me on to this, though I may have doctored it up just a bit!

As an aside, I thought I'd be having a lonely lunch at the pretty lunch spot, but I was soon joined by 3 lovely girls, one of whom is a member at my gym and I will be trying out a class called Relentless! today with her instead of the original plan of Hot Yoga. I guess maybe a cardio/toning mix might be just as good as a sweating/toning session. The upside: it's $0 (as opposed to $10 with travel) and it's a lot closer....

<3 Jules



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