It's come time to talk about the fishing trip from the weekend. Clearly I'm still behind, but I'm catching up!

My dad is a very avid fisherman and to prove this, I have a freezer stuffed full of frozen fish: cod and other fish whose species are unknown to me. Every now and then, I am convinced to join my dad on a trip on the boat because it DOES seem fun to spend some time with my dad doing the thing he loves, being out on the boat in the sunshine, having a shot of rum with breakfast... (that last one might be just a Russian pirate thing...).
This time my dad forgot his backpack at home. The backpack had a lot of essentials in it, but the most important thing was a hat! Hours spent in direct sunlight means headwear is a must! Lucky for him, there was a 7/11 nearby and we drove straight there in search of scalp protection for dad. Luckily for ME they only had one hat available. Yes, it was a bright orange hat with pink letters: Jersey Girl. I couldn't have imagined something more amusing. Here's a great shot of me and my dad with our respective hats. =)


Several hours into the fishing trip and I had been the only one in our family to catch a fish. I caught a pretty nicely sized Striper! It wasn't my first time out on the boat, so photographic evidence wasn't taken. Then my dad caught a Link. Also not photographable. Then Boyfriend caught his first fish ever! He fought valiantly with his rod and pulled up THIS beauty!


His next catch was a little more impressive =)

But mine was bigger. =)

Sadly we had to rush home immediately after the trip. We were SO rushed, in fact, that my dad forgot to gut the fish for me! Yes indeed, it was almost as if I was bringing my work home with me. I won't go into detail about what that entailed!

Anyway, if you're getting a nice fresh fish at the market or the butchery (fishery?) sometimes I feel like there's really no need to even mask the taste of the fish behind a sauce or strong seasonings. I feel differently with a frozen salmon chunk or a tilapia fillet. With these though, I want the taste of the fish to come through!

Probably what you'll get looks something like this. My strategy is to throw a bunch of olive oil, S+P, lemon pepper seasoning, lemon juice (and zest if you want!) and some garlic powder into a ramekin and mix it together with a pastry brush. Brush the olive oil seasoning liberally on the fish and bake it at 350-375 degrees for about 6-8 minutes on each side (for a thinnish white fish) or more if your fish is thicker (or heavier). It's beautiful and flaky and easy to take right off the bones.

I happen to like eating the skin but you can take it off if you want!

And, for my dad, who requested that his fish be FRIED because it tastes better that way, I did indeed wipe a piece with olive oil and throw it on a non-stick pan with some Pam. Yes, it did taste SOMEWHAT better, but it wasn't as moist and it was a bigger pain to cook (higher maintenance).

As a side note, I only got to eat the tails pictured way up above because all three of these steak-style pieces were devoured by Boyfriend. (That's 2 baked, 1 fried!)

And, as someone who loooooves leftovers (and apparently blurry pictures) I had to make myself some fish tacos.

I've been able to come home for lunch lately (I live only 4 blocks away from the hospital and my easier rotation permits real lunch breaks!) and have made 2 of these great fish taco meals.


I like to divide my tortilla into 4 (this is probably a 10") and load each piece with protein (fish), greens (arugula), a vegetable (cucumber) and a condiment (mustard). I roll them up and eat something in between each piece (a few sunflower seeds, a few pieces of cuc, some bean sprouts, etc). Yummmm!!!!


And for dessert after a SUPER organic fish meal: a mini-apple-pie bowl (Fiber One Honey Clusters cereal on top, probably 1/3 cup plain, unsweetened Kefir, a nice tbsp of Walden Farms caramel sauce and a tbsp of sugar free apple sauce.

Thanks for the pretty pink mini-bowl mom!

I have one more cooking post to put up (black bean brownies, round II + breakfast jars) and then I'll run a post about a great book I've been reading about ultra-running and ultra marathons. It's been really awesome and inspirational and hits a lot of the aspects of nonfiction I love: gripping personal story, science and biology, a relatable topic and pretty impressive writing.

See you soon!
Dr. Jules


08/04/2011 19:53

looks like a great day with many rewards! nothing like freshly caught fish. the tacos look great, too. glad you got some!
great story about your dad's hat. :~)

08/11/2011 10:56

Hi Serenity,

Yes the fresh fish is great. I almost feel guilty buying fish at the store when my dad is so happy to bring me the stuff from the sea. On the other hand, it's not just any sea, it's New Jersey Sea off of point pleasant. I'm worried I might find some of Snooki's hair extensions in the fish one day!! (Not sure if you're up on the Jersey Shore humor!)


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