Well, work has been kicking my butt for the past few days, and yesterday I finally got back into the kitchen (in a big way! Stay tuned!) but then didn't have the energy or the time to blog. My priorities have always been pretty simple: life, work, extracurriculars. Life=family, culture, exercise. Extracurriculars=cooking, blogging, hobbies. So...blogging had to take a raincheck. But I'm back! With goodies.

On Wednesday, I got out of work at 5, went to do some errands, shopping, gymming and was home by 7:30. Dinner was served by 8:15 and by 9:45 (leisurely dinner!) I was back in the kitchen. I was in bed by 11 and had accomplished 1) baked chick peas 2) cranberry jam/sauce 3) most of a 2 1/4 cup portion of baba ganoush (garlicky).  So you see, you CAN fit everything in!

I'm going to space out my posts and will begin today with watermelon salad. I will also take this time to discuss how I keep myself to the portion and serving sizes dictated on packages (for calorie control, of course).
It was really the first day that it was really warm outside, so watermelon seemed to make sense. Also though, I was in the mood to keep it light and this is the perfect way. I will give you the heads up, this isn't Boyfriend approved, but I stand by it. I think it's delicious, but I suppose it's not for everyone.

Grilled for 2 (or 3 since I had some for lunch too!)

I also decided to make it pretty this time for blogging purposes. If you're making it for serving purposes, you can do this too.

2) place some watermelon on the bottom. On further reflection, it would have been better to have cut this into bite sized pieces live I've done before!

3) Pile on some spinach, 1.5 servings FFFC-fat free feta cheese (50 cals) and a few more pieces of watermelon.

More on portion sizing of the FFFC later.

4) Choose your toppings. I chose a handful of a soynut/berry/pumpkin seed mix and some cherry balsamic vinegar (~100 cals)

Word to the wise: the watermelon lets out lots-o-juice. Instead of the nuts/berries I should have gone with some sort of bread product to soak up the liquid (crumbled saltines have worked before, but I bet croutons would be better. Crumbled Wheat thins?)

In no time you have a very pretty looking salad (see above!) for almost no calories! (200 for the whole bowl?)

Now, lets talk portion sizes. I've noticed that a lot of PERISHABLE things come in multiple portions and if you're not part of a big family this can be problematic. So...here's how I dealt with the sausages I bought yesterday. For a buy-2-get-$$-off deal, I got two packages like this (one sweet, one hot)

Even if I tupperwared this whole thing, I would be liable to eat more than one serving since it's THERE. But....in come the ziplock baggies!

Two 150 cal sausages/ziplock baggie ensure that I never make more than 2 unless it's neccessary, thus saving me the hassle of leftovers and the pressure of eating!

(Yes, the sweet sausages get an S drawn on their baggie the hot sausages get an H)

But not all food is so easily separable.

Take one of my most handy kitchen staples: FFFC. 8 portions per container, this isn't easy to figure out.

So, I separate. The top half has 4 portions, the bottom right has 2, and the bottom left is a 1.5 portion sized morsel that I used for my salad.

To be honest, making sure I keep myself to one portion has been one of the most instrumental things in my weight loss over the past two years. I have found that I am STILL surprised by how small the "recommended" serving size is for common things. And how often I exceed that portion. So if you feel like you get into trouble with this, take a look at the quantities of things you are eating. You might be in for a surprise too. On top of all this, determine which things are "more bang for the calorie buck" so to speak. Fat free yogurt and vegetables are so far the things I've found provide most volume for the least intense caloric punch.

Ok, here's your teaser: I expect to have some free time this weekend. I will discuss the homemade baba ganoush (I know, it's a re-do but sooooo good), how nice tupperware can help, panko-crusted tilapia and baked chickpea snacks.

P.S. I made dinner for my dad tonight, it was wonderful, though I definitely went way over on the calories (2/2 wine).

Tomorrows another early day. Sigh.



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