Hello, are people really reading this? It sounds needy but if you guys are out there, if anything on this site speaks to you (or if you want to speak to me) please leave a comment.

Anyway, back to the business at hand. After the muffins disappeared so soon after they were made, I kind of lost some of my drive to cook. I've been spending more energy on breakfast and lunch! Let me explain.

I'm currently rotating at a hospital in the Bronx, which is an hour away from my apartment by train. Having been used to waking up, eating a leisurely breakfast at my own kitchen table and then coming into work, I had to edit my routine quite a bit. I decided it would be best to simply pack breakfast AND lunch since most of my morning is spent reading and I enjoy eating while I read. So...here are two superstar breakfast/lunches I packed and carted off to the Bronx.
This was sooooo delicious. Starting bottom right: 1/2 cup oatmeal with 1/2 cup Slender Soy Vanilla Milk and 1/2 cup Sugar Free Applesauce with a little Caramel Zero Calorie Syrup mixed in. Tastes juuust like apple pie and takes a nice long time to eat. Just under 250 cals! Now on the top left it's a spinach salad (in the ziplock along with some crushed saltines) with feta, tomato, cucs, sauteed shrimp and perhaps another veggie I can't really name (in the tupperware). That was my main lunch. I also packed the leftovers of a bag of baby carrots (probably about 8 in there) to snack on when I felt a little sleepy. For dessert (split between breakfast and lunch) is a sliced peach and six little green figs which happened to be on sale. Actually ALL of these came from a supermarket in Brooklyn where the prices are easily half of what they are in Manhattan. =( for high city prices. That was Thursday's stash and it was kind of bulky! I'll have to work on that. That evening I met a good friend of mine for dinner and hookah downtown after a 6 mile run. Somehow, though it rained all of Tuesday and the whole time I was on the subway AND the whole time we were eating/hookah-ing, it stayed dry while I walked to and from dinner. Score!

Friday's packing was a little more space conscious.

Breakfast was a few things had at home before the commute and finished off with this jar of just under 1 cup of cottage cheese with a couple tsp Sugar Free Maple Syrup and a big heaping tsp of chia seeds (about 200 cals). These guys plumped up quite a bit and everyone at work was asking me what they were!

Altogether with lunch: a bowl of fresh veg: grape tomatoes, cucs, a few green pepper slices down at the bottom and a plum hiding out in the corner. Also featured: 1 cinnamon raisin smart bagel that eventually got a good schmearing of cream cheese. Not pictured: leftovers from the day before when I couldn't resist picking up some roasted acorn squash from the cafeteria but didn't have room for it in my tummy!

That night (Friday), Boyfriend and I went to a show at a place that didn't serve food. The show started at 8 and since it took us an hour to get there, he made me a TINY snack (mine probably came out to 100 cals-a Finn Crisp with 1 slice of Buffalo Chicken deli meat and 1 roasted red pepper + 1 plum) and had double that himself. Our dinner essentially came out to 1.5 drinks each (we split the last beer!).

Well, even though I took a day off from the gym, a dinner of 1.5 glasses of wine did not last throughout the night and I woke up RAVENOUS. I decided to give the green light to Big Daddy's Diner. This is a 24 hour diner that serves heaping huge plates of chocolate/banana pancakes (and also cookie dough/oreo pancakes) and absurd other breakfast concoctions.

Unfortunately we were too busy stuffing our faces for me to photograph this meal until we were halfway done but let me describe it to you.

Here's the play by play:
The savory course was something called a Bow Wow Wow. MY HALF featured 1/4 of a Belgian waffle topped with a scrambled egg patty with American Cheese, topped with a hashbrown, topped with another 1/4 Belgian waffle. Bacon on the side for Boyfriend. Honestly, I didn't think it was that good and wound up eating only 1/8 of a single piece of waffle, 1/2 of the omelet and a little more than 1/2 of the hashbrown. I had a good big handful of the greasy greasy fries too.
The sweet course (my draft) was a stack of 3 HUGE pancakes filled with chocolate chips and banana slices. I drowned my half of these things with maple syrup and resolved to eat the whoooollleeee half.

I succeeded.
It only felt good for about 2 minutes. Then it felt very bad.
For the first time since probably college, I went back to bed after brunch. We walked back from the diner (0.5 miles) and I could just barely breathe!
After a short sojourn, I headed off to hot yoga where I sweated chocolate and maple syrup and came home to have sushi with my parents and Boyfriend.

I didn't think I could eat ANY more food but I DID. And now I can't breathe...again.

For the 4 of us we got 2 sashimi deluxe platters (one is seen on the right) and 2 special rolls (left)

A beer is seen on the top left. Had one of those too.

Annndd....2 regular rolls.

We wound up having a whole extra sashimi for leftovers for tomorrow because my dad wasn't in a hungry mood.

Yes, I know, leftover sashimi? Well I guess we're gonna play it risky tomorrow!

Tonight is a birthday party at a beer bar, so you can count on me consuming at least one super calorie-laden beverage and tomorrow there may or may not be a barbeque feast. Ugh this weekend is gonna cost me a couple of pounds! =(

Oh well, I'll update you guys later!
Teaser: New Apple Oatmeal concoction. This time in pie form! I just barely rescued myself a piece before it all went into Boyfriend's tummy!

Till tomorrow!



09/11/2011 16:00

You have awfully nice tupperware :)

09/12/2011 21:08

hiiiii! i've been reading, but haven't had a good connection, so i don't think any comments posted. i remember the days of carting those lunches on the long nyc commutes. i kept staples in my desk and had access to a fridge to store a few things that would last - apples, tomatoes, etc. i know you'll find a workable solution. good luck with your rotation. really enjoyed your living off the land posts. you do a great job with your posts and stories! we're out here. hugs!

09/15/2011 11:28

Thanks Serenity!

I'm really swamped here and have not been getting to cook much at all. I guess summers are like that. A bit more socializing makes for a decrease in focus on making sure what we put into our bodies is good for us! My bag for breakfast and lunch is always completely huge! =)

09/27/2011 15:51

I love this posting!
what happened to your hip?


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