Today a GUY friend of mine saw and read (skimmed?) the blog. I wont use a nickname for him unless he continues to come up, in which case I'll consult with him before putting it up. Also today, a friend of mine, lets call her Z (well everyone calls her Z, but for the purposes of anonymity it will do) emailed me a recipe for Turkey Hash. I presume the idea was for me to put it up on my site? I hope so, because here it is. I'm looking forward to trying it.

By the way, Z (a nurse) is a girlfriend of mine who is engaged to Rocket Scientist (mentioned in the recipe).
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I'm definitely feeling pretty great about all this, despite this evenings upcoming boring post. In fact, it's such a boring post that I was going to skip it, but I'm motivated now.
Breakfast was a Dunkin Donuts Egg White Flatbread. Come on, did you think I'd be cooking ALL my meals? Like you, I don't spend my entire life in the kitchen! This was a full breakfast with coffee for <$5. Perfect if you're aiming to have something to do during a boring lecture other than....listen.

Here's a shot of my lunch: similar salad as the day before but sub beef tongue and kidney beans for turkey and feta. I don't blame you for thinking this is gross, but most people who try it wind up liking it so I'm standing by my tongue, damnit!
Also pictured: Tupperware of blueberries (thanks mom!) and my microscope (lunch at my desk today).
Not pictured: the many, many Jelly Belly Beans I also consumed between meals. Furthermore, I had a snack when I got home before heading to the gym/yoga. Ack!
This is getting out of hand. From now on I'm really going to take this seriously and actually take pictures of everything I eat. Hopefully, now that I have readers, I will not want to scare them away with 10,000 pictures of snacks and will simply snack less. Yes? Or am I just deluding myself?


Dinner after yoga (and a 2.5 mile run!) was a simple affair, but spruced up with a nice bouquet of flowers, my springtime favorites!

<---- <3 <3 <3 <3

Actually hot yoga tends to zap my appetite (though I still eat plenty....why??) so this small salad and grapefruit filled me up pretty nicely. Maybe it was the snacks that filled me up =(.

Salad: arugula, TJ's chopped veggies (serving #3), sliced/marinated/sauteed turkey breast (about the size of an iPhone), ginger-soy lite dressing and a handful of
raisin/cherry/cranberry mix.

Boyfriend even had salad today too though his was twice is big, twice as full of chopped veggies (#4!!), meat, topped with feta cheese, croutons and sunflower seeds (it was also probably twice as delicious!).

After dinner: Project Guilt-Free Guilty Food (GFGF?).
Tonight's mission: Trader Joes Triple Berry Bran Muffins. Weighing in at approximately 150 calories each (after the addition of a handful of my raisin/cherry/cranberry mix), this was a recipe I wasn't even going to tweak.

I am waiting for them to mature as I blog, but wont post the results of my labors until tomorrow morning.

Peace, I'm out.



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