Ok, spoiler alert, this post will make some people queasy!

Last night was aaaaa-mazing! We went to a big band/jazz/blues show at Le Poisson Rouge and half of the people were dressed up in their Prohibition finest. The band was amazing, the burlesque dancer was hot, we danced and altogether had a perfect evening (all this after dinner with friends at one of those pan-Asian places)

I promised Boyfriend "unhealthy" blueberry pancakes this morning since they're one of his favorites, but I was planning on keeping it healthy for myself....so two batches. His batch, her batch.
His pancakes consisted of the recipe on the back of Aunt Jemima's box (cut in half)
+ frozen blueberries

Mine (hers!) were oatmeal pancakes. Ingredients: baking soda (1tsp), egg white (of 1 egg), old fashioned oats (1/3 cup), splash of almond extract and the frozen blueberries. At the end I added 1 heaping tsp full of part-skim ricotta cheese because I thought it looked a little dry. Also, one packet of sweeter (Sweet N Lo for me!).

On the left you see the flipped version of mine (the blueberries are all hiding underneath)

On the right, the unflipped version of his (this is about the right ratio of blueberries)

I made this breakfast in under 30 minutes. It's now about 10 hours after I finished this oatmeal pancake and I'm STILL thinking about it. It was DELICIOUS. And so bready and warm and satisfying. I think the ricotta cheese made the difference, since I've made these before and have never been quite so enamored.

All told: 100 calories for the oatmeal, no more than 40-50 calories for the egg white, maybe another 50 for the ricotta, possibly 20? for the blueberries?
This was a 220 calorie piece of morning heaven. Ok, I put a bunch of reduced sugar maple syrup on it. Put on another 50 calories.
His were good too, but I actually preferred the bready/doughy chewier texture of mine.

After breakfast we pounded out 6 miles in Central Park. I hate, hate, hate running outside. I much prefer the treadmill where I can watch cooking shows while I run and not have any hills. Grrr, hills are awful. But at least I can be comfortable knowing that these 6 miles were more impressive than a treadmill 6. Also, it's all true what they say, running with someone is always better, even if Boyfriend ran ahead of me the whole time.

After our run, I figured we earned ourselves a trip to the OysterBash. Yes, we are heading all the way out to queens to enjoy oysters, alcohol and....oysters! Raw, fried, Rockefeller (what IS that?). Stay tuned for reviews.


05/01/2011 19:14

Can't speak for "Hers", but "His" pancakes were absolutely perfect!

On the Zagat rating scale they get a perfect 30/30 in food, decor, service, and cost.


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