My first successful experiment in days. Hurrah! And I didn't resort to using butter/sugar/oil to create taste as I thought I might have to.

I give you....Grilled Watermelon.
So simple: spray a pan down with Pam and plop down the watermelon. Clearly I used a grill pan but if you don't have one, I see no reason why a regular non-stick wouldn't accomplish the same purpose.
Of course, grill pan schmrill pan, if you have an actual grill, PLEASE try this!

Now I want to say, without any undue pride or pomp, the smell that came from this was AMAZING. It brought Boyfriend into the kitchen sniffing everywhere, sure it wasn't the watermelon. But it was. Carmelization baby!

Anyway, I got these nice grill marks onto it and chopped it up for a salad for the next day (yesterday afternoon). Unfortunately, the salad was extraordinarily unattractive since I just threw the ingredients in a tupperware for work. So I will not be posting photographic evidence of this.

Notes: The watermelon needs to rest. Put it in a tupperware or a bowl and a LOT of liquid will come seeping out of it. Save this, it's REALLY tasty.

The watermelon itself tastes a lot like a super-sweet squash. I paired it with fat free feta cheese (FFFC), baby spinach, cherry-flavored vinegar (though I think that any sort of sweet salad dressing will do) and put some crackers on top. I've noticed a lot of chefs pairing the grilled watermelon with goat cheese, which I'm sure is delicious, but FFFC is...well...FF. And I always have it on hand.

Clearly, since I will be making this again, and often, I will make it prettier for the general public. Then I'll post photos and a real recipe.

Sorry for the boring posts!
The big graduation formal is on Thursday (that's T-2 days!) and my dress is NOT forgiving.
I made some panko-sesame crusted tofu last night that turned out pretty nicely, I'll have to post on that too.

Toodles for now.

P.S. I think the doughy smoothie will be given one more shot tonight. I am planning on purchasing chia seeds (this means another trip to the health food store, ugh!)



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