Dodgeball has got to be one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon. I play with ZogSports which is an amazing social, sporty group activities organization. They have something similar in most cities, it's pretty ubiquitous.

I first played for my team, the Ballbarians, in fall 2009 and my team wound up asking for me back, so I rejoined and it's been great. My team is composed of a motley crew of couples in their late 20's/early 30's and younger professionals. Our league is super competitive but there are more laid back teams too. We spend an hour pummeling another team with styrofoam balls then head out to a place called 1-2-3 Burger-Shot-Beer which has amazing cheap beer towers and delicious affordable food! None of this is healthy.

Today, though, we didn't do any socializing after the game (we drew and didn't particularly distinguish ourselves today).

So I decided to get myself a snack before my run at one of those pay-by-the-pound delis (from 12 o'clock): 1 chicken wing, 1 california sushi roll, 1 tomato and mozarella round, 2 slices portabello mushroom and 1 baked (?) cauliflower piece.

This was pretty filling (add in a handful of jelly beans) and I headed off for what I had thought would be a 5 mile run but I powered through a 6th and felt great!

I felt so great that I didn't even feel that guilty about this GIANT bag of Jelly Beans I bought that will hopefully last a loooong time (with self control) and not a really short time (if I am silly and eat too many every day).

Between lunch and the time I'm writing this, I've probably taken up another handful. Meh.

So after a loooong debate about what we were going to do tonight, Boyfriend and I decided on a comedy club, then changed our minds to dinner out and a movie then eventually scrapped it all to join two friends for a Vietnamese feast in the deep bowels of Chinatown.

In preparation, I filled a flask with chocolate vodka (YES! They have this!!). This was a double thumbs-up because it was both budget friendly and waist friendly. I got to modulate my own alcohol consumption (though, to be fair, this means I just upped the alcohol:diet coke ratio) and therefore my diet coke consumption. Furthermore, the vodka has a lot less sugar than wine or beer!

We had a soup with all sorts of cow parts that we would normally never think of eating, a curry stew, beef cubes and a catfish bowl. I must say, the food was delicious and I'm sure that tomorrow when I step on the scale I will rue this night, but just now, I'm going to be happy with knowing that I'll just have to keep the week days healthy.

I am quite looking forward to Monday's night out with my ex-sorority big sister for a vegan meal (she is a vegan, but I'm happy to be vegan for a night!).



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