Since these posts are coming so close together, I'll just start where I last left off.
04/02/11: view from Union Square Whole Foods
International Pillow Fight Day!!!

I think that's about all that needs to be said about this.
Found out about this through TimeOut Magazine which is really amazing for finding unique happenings around town. Big thumbs up for this past week's issue detailing free things to do in NYC =).

There's TimeOut Magazine for most big cities too, so check it out.

We continued our laid back Saturday with a mammoth $180 trip to Trader Joe's. I am now the proud owner of a muffin tin and I am going to be experimenting with muffin recipes. Stay tuned.
Dinner was salad. Yummy but nothing to write home about (or even blog about!)

Today though is my mom's birthday. I have spent last night making her a collage of plays we've seen an loved and we have plans to go to brunch today.

The original plan was to make her the perfect Bloody Mary at my apartment but our vodka has disappeared and it's not that surprising that I was unable to buy vodka before noon on a Sunday. Even in NYC.

On to brunch....

Brunch is a tradition, a ritual, a necessity in New York City. But oh it is SUCH a guilty pleasure. A perfect opportunity to eat defensively. Which is not to say I did it today, but maybe next time!

First: If you are planning to work out, ALWAYS work out BEFORE brunch. Even if you do make it to the gym after a heavy meal and a cocktail, your workout will be more difficult and less high-yield.

Second: Consider your cocktail choice carefully. Here's a useful article I found on which cocktails/beverages tend to pack the least and the most calories and carbs.

I strongly recommend a Bloody Mary if you can deal with tomato juice. It is the lowest calorie option, but watch out, there's a LOT of sodium in there too. Keep an eye on what comes with it too: celery-go nuts, olives-leave these behind unless you really love the things.

Third: Don't avoid the brunch you really want. Omelet? Waffles? Go for it. You know you'll be jealous of everyone else at your table if you order the garden salad. But...

Fourth: Eat your entree wisely. As always, it's the things that you don't even notice that wind up making the biggest dent in your diet. It's not the eggs or the pancakes, it's actually the potatoes, the rolls and the fruit toppings that add the most sugar and empty calories (i.e. no nutritional value). So again, unless those are actually your favorite parts of the meal, get a side salad instead of hashbrowns or ask for the fruity topping on the side.

Our brunch took place at Fig+Olive. Readers, if you go here, forget about defensive eating. There is nothing on your plate that you should leave behind. The portions are NOT small, everything swims in olive oil and one good meal here is probably your entire daily caloric intake. But it's worth every ounce the next morning. It's not cheap, but if you're having a special occasion brunch, I highly, highly recommend Fig+Olive.
Their Bloody Marys are pretty amazing too.

Me? I went to a 90 minute hot yoga class this morning where I theoretically sweated off breakfast (don't work out on an empty stomach!). But I didn't deny myself a single bite at brunch and ate after I was full. Still, worth it. I took some of the olives out of my Bloody Mary though. =)

After brunch I played dodgeball (more on this later) and was in no mood to cook anything more impressive than tea. I'll have to prepare some pretty defensive breakfast and lunch tomorrow though....might also begin a muffin endeavor.


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