Walked ALLLLL over the city yesterday enjoying the sunshine and looking for a dress for a formal (Boyfriends graduation from residency) on May 19th. 5 miles of walking, 1 hour of hot yoga, 1 dress found, 1 trip to Whole Foods for Mother's Day stuff. 1 set of goals for Saturday night's birthday party (3  alcoholic beverages, unequally sharing 2 apps/1 main with Boyfriend).

I DID it! We went to Soy and Sake, a vegan place in Grenwich village. It was cheap, it was vegan, it was ok.
I had one sake/vodka/cucumber martini (SO good), then we shared a bourbon chicken (grilled soy), a tempura rock shrimp (fried soy) and a duck w/mushrooms (sauteed soy). Then I had about 3 oz of hot sake and we headed to Vol De Nuit for a nightcap. I had a La Chouffe (8% ABV). I was REALLY proud of myself.

I am NOT proud of myself. My scale is NOT proud of me. The only thing I've managed to accomplish is a hangover that is certainly quite impressive. I have no idea what made me think I could have 3 drinks without consequences. It didn't help that I came home, rolled into bed and didn't even have any water. Ugh ugh ugh. Now I get to host the Mother's Day Brunch. Ok, enough whining from me, I totally did it to myself.

Menu (1pm kickoff)
Salmon/Cream Cheese/Dill Omelet Muffins
Assorted Breads with Ricotta/Rosemary/Honey "Dip"/"Spread"
Shrimp cocktail
Oatmeal Breakfast Bars
Fruit Plate
Assorted tea cookies
Bloody Marys

They WERE snack at 9am, gym from 10-11am, cooking until 1pm then 1 Bloody Mary, 1 wine, 1 muffin, 1 bar, 2-3 mini breads with "Spread", 1 cookie, assorted fruit. Now that it's 9:30 and all I've managed to do is be awake and miserable since 6am, I'm thinking more along the lines of coffee, cooking, all that food minus wine, gym at 5pm.

Sorry there are no pictures or recipes in this post. I will definitely post the muffins and "spread" recipes as well as pictures of everything soon!

Wish me luck in 1. maintaining my goals and 2. having a successful meeting of the two families.


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