Sadly, with things being as hectic as they are this month, I've accidentally wound up having beer for dinner...twice. In a row. Boy did I feel yucky after that!

It was just like being back in college, coming home after a night out and filling up on crackers, Wheat Thins and whatever you can find to slather on them (hummus, jam?). Plus a few handfuls of cereal. Right before bed.

I feel like I should be spending an afternoon out on the quad or something! I guess it could have been worse, I haven't been resorting to take-out pizza or Chinese food yet!

Lunches have become more elaborate instead. I don't time to prepare a real lunch, so this weekend I made a big batch of spaghetti squash, and some proteins (some white flaky fish filets and the shrimp) and have been bringing those, a wrap and a package of arugula to work and assembling a wrap every day. It's enjoyable but most importantly, everything is already in it's own tupperware container so I just grab-and-go. The black bean brownies have been most helpful.

I did find time to have one Breakfast of Champions on a fairly low-key day. I have discovered that an absolutely delicious summertime concoction is simply Chocolate Almond Breeze Milk (Unsweetened) with about 3/4 cup frozen blueberries and a few handfuls of oatmeal. I also tossed in a little Sugar Free Coffee Creamer. The best part is that I can stir it for a while as the blueberries melt while I do other things, then YUM! I enjoy this with a tiny spoon =)

Finally, I totally forgot about the 2 mini pumpkin oatmeal pancakes I had left in the freezer. There's a lot of stuff in the freezer I've been forgetting about and rediscovering this month! This little guy is slathered with the cranberry sam that I made last week. =)

I finally had a little time today though, and made broccoli/cauliflower soup that is really quite tasty. More on that later!

What's your favorite super-fast, no effort required lunch meal? Frozen dinners don't count!
Enjoy your weekend!



07/11/2011 18:57

can you get a little white board for freezer inventory? used to have one and want a new one.
don't have it now, but i love to keep a batch of tuna salad in the fridge - i make mine spicy with dijon, horseradish, smoked paprika to put on crackers (wasa preferred or triscuits) for super lazy, tuna melt or over WW pasta with some additions like capers and cheese. they can also be packed separately, then combined.


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