There will be no posting today, though look out for a "How to Make Acorn Squash" post soon.

This post is to shamelessly show off the new Recipage that I've finally updated. Please take a look and see if there's anything good on there. As usual, if you do see something that you like, please leave a comment!
So, this week my hip is STILL bothering me and maybe seeing a doctor isn't a bad idea. Or rather, going downstairs in my building and finding some orthopedic resident to give me a quick physical exam! In any case, my intake has had to be adjusted quite a bit for the severe decrease in exercise. I've been doing a bit of hot yoga and some elliptical/stepper exercise but have nevertheless had to REALLY watch what I've been eating. And still, there's been a noticeable gain. Anyway, here's one of my solutions to the problem: wraps. But not bread wraps, lettuce wraps!
Boyfriend requested that we have "taco night" again a few days ago. I knew that I couldn't have the typical taco since I didn't exactly take it easy for breakfast and lunch, but I did know that substitutions could be made. Here's a his and hers rundown and how I manage to make 2 meals for the "time price" of 1

1) Hers: 1 serving ground turkey (about 110g) + 1/2 cup fire roasted tomatoes with green chiles (from a can) = 175 cals. Best addition? Nutritional Yeast. It gave it an almost...cheesy...taste.
His: 3 servings of turkey (though this made one dinner and 2 lunch) with a taco spice seasoning mix. Too much sodium for "hers".

How to Construct A great Lettuce Wrap
The bowl at 12 o'clock has some steamed veggies (frozen, microwaved in the package. Not cheap, but easy)
The bowl at 3 o'clock has the turkey/salsa mixture
At 6-9 o'clock are 4 pieces of romaine lined with cheese.

I used some sort of non-fat/non-dairy cheese nonsense I had found in the supermarket. It worked for this purpose but I don't know what else it's good for. Either way, if you're using American Cheese slices, line each lettuce wrap with cheese, spoon on a small layer of steamed veggies then top with the turkey salsa mixture.

Finish it off with a little sprinkle of non-fat Greek Yogurt (I think it tastes BETTER than sour cream and Boyfriend can't tell the difference)

Another shot of the lettuce wrap.

I had 4 of these at about 100 cals each. It was the most delicious, satisfying, filling 400 calorie meal ever!

His included 3 tortilla wraps, real cheddar (I should have sprung for this), the turkey mixture and lots of greek yogurt on top. I think his added on another 450 cals!
Honestly, I tasted his and liked mine better!

The next morning I felt like I should use up the rest of the fire-roasted tomatoes and the remainder of one of my egg-beater containers.

This is less than 2 servings of egg beaters (50 cals?) + 1/2 cup or so of the roasted tomatoes (25 cals). It's actually a LOT of food! Seasoned with S+P of course.

And....because we had a lot of romaine left, I decided to make this a wrap too! Again I lined the lettuce wraps with cheese. This was only eh... but kind of a fun way to eat scrambled eggs!

Ugh, what a bad picture. This is a bowl with 1/2 cup pumpkin + 1 sheet of graham crackers I had for dessert since the breakfast above was really under 200 cals! It's seasoned with a generous spoonful of sugar-free maple syrup and probably half a packet of Sweet N Lo

I think I sprinkled a few oats in there too.

I microwaved the pumpkin first though so it became like a delicious warm pumpkin mash and the grapham crackers gave it a delicious honey sweetness. This was UBER Delicious.

Finally, this has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that I had one with dessert a few days ago and it was spectacular.

It's a 90 calorie brownie about the size of a deck of cards. It's not a volume eat but it's packed full of fiber and it tastes as good as any regular brownie out there.

Definitely a worthwhile purchase.

It's been an interesting week especially because on Wednesday, my fellowship applications went out. I applied mostly in New York, but get this: I wont be starting fellowship for another 1.75 years and yet, I have to apply NOW! Yikes! To celebrate, Boyfriend took me out to one of my favorite wine bars, which is actually a South African place. They serve draft wines and have really unique food. We shared an Elk Slider (Elk is VERY tasty), a portabella mushroom and asparagus dish with cheese, a chicken liver bruschetta (also very tasty!) and South African Chicken Wings (not special AT ALL). Everything was very yummy, including the zinfandel I had =)

Coming up: Another batch of apple pie, another go at baba ganoush and kale chips all combine into a surprisingly tasty lunch. Also on the menu: experimenting with Acorn Squash!

Hi Everyone,

I've been verrrryyyy delinquent in posting. And cooking. And cleaning. And now, with my hip bothering me, working out. =( =( =( =( More on all of this later. I'm posting this early in the morning just to put up SOMETHING but I have more. I promise!

This post, though, has an AMAZING recipe on it and this Apple Oatmeal Pie is super healthy AND really tasty. At least, I'm almost positive this batch was pretty tasty, since I only got to eat a very small piece!
This recipe was actually adapted from the Baked Oatmeal Bars I've made before. I decided to make 1/3 of the recipe so that I could have about 4 servings at just under 150 cals/ fairly large serving.

Here it is:
1/2 cup oats-this is Quaker Quick Oats (150 cals)
1/8 cup + a little more walnuts, chopped (100-125 cals)
Slightly less than 1/2 cup Vanilla Slender Soy Milk (my new fave!)-35 cals
2 oz egg beater (=1 egg)-25 cals?

And now, the real yummy stuff!
1 Granny Smith apple (finely chopped) - ~80 cals
1 tbsp "I Cant Believe It's Not Butter" spread - 50 cals
1 tbsp brown sugar - 100 cals?

Other add ins: some Calorie Free Walden Farms Caramel Syrup, 1 packet Sweet N Lo, 1 tbsp (at least) cinnamon, 1 tsp (or so) ginger.
Also consider adding some Sugar Free Maple Syrup.

I threw the apples, "butter", brown sugar and cinnamon into a small sauce pot and sauteed them for about 5-8 minutes, stirring frequently until somewhat soft.

Threw the remaining ingredients into a bowl: it looks pretty gross and mushy when you get it together but boy is it good to taste!

Into a small casserole dish (this comes out to about 4 slices of pie, slightly larger than a deck of cards) lined with parchment paper.

By the way, parchment paper is the greatest thing ever for those who don't love to make a big mess in the kitchen. I make a HUGE mess, but at least this gives me one less dish to wash!

Popped in the oven at 375 degrees for about 40 minutes (my oven takes FOREVER to make stuff, I am not sure how long normal ovens would take to do this). I took it out when I was able to insert a toothpick into it and the toothpick came out clean.

The top gets all nice and brown and you can see all the apple slices peeking through there. That's because there is a WHOLE apple in here.

When you cut inside of it you get this doughy, dense, fiber-ific interior. It's soooo filling and the unhealthiest thing in here is a bit of chemical sweetening!

This was a huge success and Boyfriend gobbled up 3/4 of this thing before I made him save me one serving for breakfast the next day.

Needless to say, I would highly recommend making this recipe!

Finally, on a personal note, I have no idea how I injured my hip or what to do about it now that it happened. Suffice it to say, things like decreasing my daily calorie intake and trying to move around as much as possible are two of the things I need to work on. So far, this morning, my breakfast was only SOMEWHAT smaller than usual. Maybe I can keep it to affordable intake at lunch! Tomorrow's post (YES, I will post tomorrow!) will show what I made for lunch AND the most satisfying 400 calorie dinner EVER.

Until then,
Hello, are people really reading this? It sounds needy but if you guys are out there, if anything on this site speaks to you (or if you want to speak to me) please leave a comment.

Anyway, back to the business at hand. After the muffins disappeared so soon after they were made, I kind of lost some of my drive to cook. I've been spending more energy on breakfast and lunch! Let me explain.

I'm currently rotating at a hospital in the Bronx, which is an hour away from my apartment by train. Having been used to waking up, eating a leisurely breakfast at my own kitchen table and then coming into work, I had to edit my routine quite a bit. I decided it would be best to simply pack breakfast AND lunch since most of my morning is spent reading and I enjoy eating while I read. are two superstar breakfast/lunches I packed and carted off to the Bronx.
This was sooooo delicious. Starting bottom right: 1/2 cup oatmeal with 1/2 cup Slender Soy Vanilla Milk and 1/2 cup Sugar Free Applesauce with a little Caramel Zero Calorie Syrup mixed in. Tastes juuust like apple pie and takes a nice long time to eat. Just under 250 cals! Now on the top left it's a spinach salad (in the ziplock along with some crushed saltines) with feta, tomato, cucs, sauteed shrimp and perhaps another veggie I can't really name (in the tupperware). That was my main lunch. I also packed the leftovers of a bag of baby carrots (probably about 8 in there) to snack on when I felt a little sleepy. For dessert (split between breakfast and lunch) is a sliced peach and six little green figs which happened to be on sale. Actually ALL of these came from a supermarket in Brooklyn where the prices are easily half of what they are in Manhattan. =( for high city prices. That was Thursday's stash and it was kind of bulky! I'll have to work on that. That evening I met a good friend of mine for dinner and hookah downtown after a 6 mile run. Somehow, though it rained all of Tuesday and the whole time I was on the subway AND the whole time we were eating/hookah-ing, it stayed dry while I walked to and from dinner. Score!

Friday's packing was a little more space conscious.

Breakfast was a few things had at home before the commute and finished off with this jar of just under 1 cup of cottage cheese with a couple tsp Sugar Free Maple Syrup and a big heaping tsp of chia seeds (about 200 cals). These guys plumped up quite a bit and everyone at work was asking me what they were!

Altogether with lunch: a bowl of fresh veg: grape tomatoes, cucs, a few green pepper slices down at the bottom and a plum hiding out in the corner. Also featured: 1 cinnamon raisin smart bagel that eventually got a good schmearing of cream cheese. Not pictured: leftovers from the day before when I couldn't resist picking up some roasted acorn squash from the cafeteria but didn't have room for it in my tummy!

That night (Friday), Boyfriend and I went to a show at a place that didn't serve food. The show started at 8 and since it took us an hour to get there, he made me a TINY snack (mine probably came out to 100 cals-a Finn Crisp with 1 slice of Buffalo Chicken deli meat and 1 roasted red pepper + 1 plum) and had double that himself. Our dinner essentially came out to 1.5 drinks each (we split the last beer!).

Well, even though I took a day off from the gym, a dinner of 1.5 glasses of wine did not last throughout the night and I woke up RAVENOUS. I decided to give the green light to Big Daddy's Diner. This is a 24 hour diner that serves heaping huge plates of chocolate/banana pancakes (and also cookie dough/oreo pancakes) and absurd other breakfast concoctions.

Unfortunately we were too busy stuffing our faces for me to photograph this meal until we were halfway done but let me describe it to you.

Here's the play by play:
The savory course was something called a Bow Wow Wow. MY HALF featured 1/4 of a Belgian waffle topped with a scrambled egg patty with American Cheese, topped with a hashbrown, topped with another 1/4 Belgian waffle. Bacon on the side for Boyfriend. Honestly, I didn't think it was that good and wound up eating only 1/8 of a single piece of waffle, 1/2 of the omelet and a little more than 1/2 of the hashbrown. I had a good big handful of the greasy greasy fries too.
The sweet course (my draft) was a stack of 3 HUGE pancakes filled with chocolate chips and banana slices. I drowned my half of these things with maple syrup and resolved to eat the whoooollleeee half.

I succeeded.
It only felt good for about 2 minutes. Then it felt very bad.
For the first time since probably college, I went back to bed after brunch. We walked back from the diner (0.5 miles) and I could just barely breathe!
After a short sojourn, I headed off to hot yoga where I sweated chocolate and maple syrup and came home to have sushi with my parents and Boyfriend.

I didn't think I could eat ANY more food but I DID. And now I can't breathe...again.

For the 4 of us we got 2 sashimi deluxe platters (one is seen on the right) and 2 special rolls (left)

A beer is seen on the top left. Had one of those too.

Annndd....2 regular rolls.

We wound up having a whole extra sashimi for leftovers for tomorrow because my dad wasn't in a hungry mood.

Yes, I know, leftover sashimi? Well I guess we're gonna play it risky tomorrow!

Tonight is a birthday party at a beer bar, so you can count on me consuming at least one super calorie-laden beverage and tomorrow there may or may not be a barbeque feast. Ugh this weekend is gonna cost me a couple of pounds! =(

Oh well, I'll update you guys later!
Teaser: New Apple Oatmeal concoction. This time in pie form! I just barely rescued myself a piece before it all went into Boyfriend's tummy!

Till tomorrow!

We actually lived off of our cupboards and pantry for about 5-6 days without doing any significant grocery shopping! All I bought was some ingredients for the Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Muffins I made mid-week.

On an unrelated note, I started a rotation at a new hospital today, one at which I hope to one day work, so I have to be super on-my-game. Unfortunately, from an edible perspective, this new hospital is very deficient. Besides having very little good food to eat, the cafeteria is unattractive and small while the lines are simply epic. =( Even more disappointing is the complete lack of any drinkable coffee in the whole place! I even got a second cup today from a different location but it was awful =( I guess I'll have to tote along my own coffee in addition to my own lunch AND breakfast. Maybe a lunch bag is in order now. Or a bigger purse. Anyway, on to some of week's meals.

Hot, humid day = nice refreshing dinner on top of lettuce!

This dinner starred 1 can of tuna, 2 tbsp plain nonfat yogurt, a few chopped picked jalapeno rings and some S+P. I mixed the tuna up in a bowl and scooped it on top of these giant lettuce leaves.


I'm not kidding when I say giant!

Actually some chopped fresh veggies would have been really great with this (carrots, celery, cuc?) but this is simply what we had on hand.

That glass of wine is actually from a bottle of white wine we brought back from Ithaca Americana winery. It's a table white wine, which I suppose means lower quality but it was absolutely delicious. In fact, when we had it again a few nights later and it got even better after some refrigeration!

I did have to buy some ingredients to make these little fiber-bombs of deliciousness.

These are Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Muffins (with whole wheat flour). They were really pretty good without being overly sweet and I only managed to eat 2 before they were all gone in 3 nights/2 days.

Step 1

Chop up about 1.5 apples to make 2 cups of 1/2" cubes (actually these could be smaller) 120+45 cal+65 cak = 230 cal

Melt 1 tbsp I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spread in a saucepan and drop in the apples along with 2 tbsp brown sugar. Sautee until the apples are a bit soft. Feel free to taste, you wont regret it!


Now make the batter..

The Dry Ingredients (+1 egg)
1.5 cups oatmeal (I used instant oats): 450 cals
1.5 cups whole wheat pastry flour: 780 cal
1 tbsp cinnamon
3/4 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
1 egg: ~80 cals
1-2 packages sweetener (I use Sweet N Lo)

The Wet Ingredients (- 1 egg)
1 cup sugar free apple sauce (this is actually sweet): 100 cal
3/4 cup vanilla slender soy milk: ~60 cal

I added zero-calorie caramel syrup and some sugar free maple syrup to up the sweetness. If you don't care too much about calories, add the real stuff. Or just use the recommended 1/4 cup sugar


Mix the wet and dry ingredients until just a bit lumpy then throw in your sauteed apples and give it a light mix

Distribute dough among 12 muffin cups (some of them can be almost entirely full) and bake at 350-375 degrees for about 20 minutes.

Insert a toothpick to make sure it comes out clean to assess doneness.

You can see the apple chunks peeking out of the brown, oaty crust.


The muffins come out to just about 140 cals/muffin (you can decrease the calories by putting in more oatmeal and less flour) and have just TONS of fiber and fruit.

I *think* that adding in some walnuts or butterscotch chips would have really taken these to a whole other level either nutritionally (with the nuts) or with sweetness factor (chips).

Still, they were well received and another batch has been requested.


A closeup of the interior of the muffins shows just how moist they were. I think the apple slices should have been smaller. They could have incorporated better into the dough.

I think grating would have worked but then they wouldn't have been very sautee-friendly.

Well folks, I may have only gotten to eat 2 of the muffins, but thanks to Boyfriend's extreme aversion to even a small bit of raw egg, I always get to lick the bowl. It looks gross, but I know you all do it!

Sometimes I even leave a bit of batter behind on purpose. Shhh! =)

Well, my Labor Day weekend was an exercise in overindulgence in both solids and liquids with fried foods and various things in shot-glasses. Unfortunately, unlike my trip to San Fransisco, this time it shows. I guess I'll have to get back on the wagon this week!

Ugh, right now the rain is just pouring down and kept us awake all last night!

What did you all do on Labor Day?

After returning from our vacation, down a few G's because of unexpected hurricane Irene expenses, we decided to stay thrifty for the week. We grocery shopped in our cupboards and pantry and tried to keep going-out expenses to a minimum.

Thanks to my dad and his hobby of fishing we had multiple whole frozen fish in our freezer. This was a Cod he had caught last year, so it's been cooling it's heels (fins!) in our freezer for quite some time.

Well, what better time to bring it out than when we had decided to keep our costs low!

I tossed it on a baking sheet and brushed it with a little bit of olive oil, sprinked it with plenty of salt, pepper, lemon seasoning and lemon juice and threw some onion rings and capers over it for good measure.


It baked up in less than 30 minutes (flipped after 15) at 375 degrees.

I served it with cous cous on the side.

The cous cous (1/2 cup dry) was cooked in 1 cup vegetable broth (unsalted) + additional water added. I added some basil paste, some salt, pepper, lemon juice and Italian seasoning.

Seconds were had for the fish and the cous cous (by both of us!).

Actually I failed to be as decadent as I had planned on vacation and so decided to go full hog this weekend!

There was a LOT of fish made, so I had it for breakfast and lunch in various forms for about 3 days (it may be a while until I'm interested in cod again). I'd say I had it alone about half the time and with sides the other half

The fish made it's appearance next to a side of broccoli slaw (sold in most supermarkets and definitely super healthy, crunch and tasty!) dressed with balsamic vinegar.

At the end, having only some little pieces left here and there, I decided to stick them into modified fish tacos. I had invested in some low fat/low cal Lavash bread at Fairway a few weeks ago and had frozen it. Unfortunately, it was a big low-fat failure! The bread is softer and more fragile than a warp, and at 100 calories barely gives any more actual volume. Fail.

These worked out well though. It's a little bit of lettuce, the fish on top and some Aji sauce (kind of like a spicy mustard) spread on the other side.

                         A closeup:

Tips for white flaky fish (cod/halibt/sole/tilapia):
1) If you cook it on the bone like I did instead of fileting, expect it to be severely underseasoned (like mine was) and assume you will have to dress it up in a sauce or with a mustard or more salt. Unfortunately there is just no way to season the inside while it cooks. =(
2) This is not a fish that lends itself to rarity like tuna or salmon. Always cook all the way through until you can flake it with a fork.
3) This is the best fish to put inside of a fish taco/wrap etc.
4) White/flaky fish actually contain less calories and more protein than salmon, the commonly known "healthy fish". They do not, however, contain the same amount of omega-3 fatty acids, so that's worth noting.

And finally, one of the purchases I did make was a box of raspberries which were eaten both raw and with cereal. Why am I putting this up? Because this cereal is made with something I've just disovered (though I realize this is old hat for most): Slender Soy Vanilla Soy Milk.

Soy milk and skim milk actually carry similar amounts of vitamins (like A) and calcium, however, soy milk actually has more vitamin B12 and D. Regular skim milk has more protein. The big debate now is how soy affects our hormone functions because it does contain a compound known to mimic estrogen. Because many of the female reproductive tract cancers are fed by estrogen, there is a lot of scrutiny on soy as a carcinogenic substance. Furthermore, because it's generally quite modified from it's original genetic makeup and contains a high amount of pesticides, the speculation on whether or not soy is a healthy alternative to meat or dairy products has been making it's way to the public arena.

My interpretation? Honestly, if we were to stop eating/consuming/wearing/using any substance that was known or suspected to cause cancer, our lives would be very poor quality indeed. As a matter of fact, from a purely medical perspective, cancer is a disease of aging and the statistical probability that one cell will undergo just the right mutation to set off the process of cancer. That probability becomes higher as substances known to cause mutations are introduced into our bodies, but that's where moderation comes into play. If you are a vegetarian, it is better to consume soy to meet your body's protein requirements and take the potential risk than to avoid soy and most certainly develop a protein deficiency. If you are not a vegetarian, consume soy at low levels, just like you would consume red meat or fried food.

We risk cancer by living longer and living in a world where we don't have to hunt and gather our food or even use only food to provide us with the necessary nutrients our bodies require.

Ok, that was my rant! On to lighter fare: Does anyone else have a favorite thing they've made that got them a lot of mileage during the week? I'm always open to suggestions =)

I also made oatmeal-apple-cinnamon muffins this week, so I'll be blogging about that soon! They disapeared in 3 days and a second batch was requested, so there may be a comparison batch coming to pass too! I'm also considering making them in oatmeal bar form =)


"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Fransisco"-Mark Twain

We'll get back to that.
This picture does no justice to what we had for dinner the night after we said goodbye to Yosemite National Park (it was a sad, sad parting).

We stayed in a sweet little town called Healdsburg and we arrived at about 8:45pm on Thursday night. We were fish out of water here and surprised that everything closed at 9pm! We quickly ducked into the Healdsburg bar and grill where the menu looked so uninspiring! Burgers, chicken wings, falafel?

We decided to order the tuna sandwich and garden salad to share. I was so pleasantly surprised to find that the rare, seared tuna on my sandwich was accompanied by a delicious garnish, aioli and a wonton cracker between the bread. The garden salad was also fancy schmancy with pieces of broccoli and cauliflower and tomato chopped very finely all in a large bowl with a mustardy dressing!


Day 5 of the trip was devoted entirely to wining, dining and wheeling. Yes, we decided to bike to the wineries after breakfast and before lunch. I can see how saying it that way already makes it sound like a bad idea!

The wineries were all beautiful, some having lakes, picnic areas, beautiful stone wall interiors....we couldn't get enough! Really.

We started out with a 2 for 1 tasting at a winery with big plans to only go to two more and share tastings. Our neighbors in tasting here tipped us off that one of the wineries on our way was a "must-see". We didn't resist that. Our tally was now up to three more wineries, all shared tastings.

After the first winery, we felt great. At the second winery, we discovered that our Visa card got us free tastings. "Why share?" we thought. Now bike riding was a little more strenuous. As we biked down quiet country roads to our third stop we enjoyed feeling the wind in our faces and watching all the pretty scenery go by. The third winery had free tastings altogether. We didn't even discuss the possibility of sharing.

Yes, at 1oz/pour I had approximately 18oz before lunch (3 glasses!). A small bike-related incident and a less-small bruise ensued. Boo. It was time for lunch. Or was it? Nope, it was time for one last tasting. We had another 2 for 1 coupon. It's so hard to turn down free wine (I did no such thing).

Our completely inadequate lunch included jerky (sweet chipotle beef and cilantro basil turkey!) with Doctor Kracker (c'mon we HAD to get these!) cheddar/pumpkin seed crackers and a 1/2 loaf of pumpkin seed bread. There were fruit items as well.

Sigh, that was it, we were on our way to San Fransisco. Goodbye Sonoma! (We took home a package of the jerky and the most amazing dried mangos I've ever tasted!)

By the time we got into SF, it was already time for dinner! And apparently, winter. I felt like I was more in the mood for turkey and stuffing than bay scallops and crab as I huddled even closer into my sweater. It would be cold and foggy and gloomy every day while we were there, and apparently we should have been prepared because, as one San Fransiscan put it "we only get one week of summer here, and it looks like you missed it". =(

We walked around (again at 9pm) and found few options. Then, we heard jazz music and wound our way down to an alleyway full of french restaurants! We ate at the one with the jazz music (I just love female vocalists!)

We ordered escargot (prerequisite) that came in a butter sauce topped with a bit of puff pastry, a shrimp casserole dish and a seared Ahi Tuna (yes, again). It was delicious. So was the creme brulee we shared at the end. Can you see how this vacation is getting more and more decadent? =)

The next day we grabbed some hotel breakfast and headed to the airport to change our tickets in the face of Hurricane Irene. Our flight was canceled and the options they presented us were pretty disheartening. Finally we were offered a flight to Baltimore a day and a half later than our original departure. Having no other choice, we spent the day walking, walking, walking (about 4 miles altogether) around the Bay area of SF. We found ourselves a touristy seafood place, ordered unwisely and weren't impressed. We WERE, however, amazed by a fruit display we saw along the pier and couldn't resist having some strawberries (they looked airbrushed!), a peach an a plum. (Is this the cutest pic ever or what?)

After even MORE walking we found ourselves ready to eat dinner and retire. We walked around and accidentally found ourselves in Little Italy.

Now, I'm going to commit heresy: I don't really like to go out for Italian food. I'm not afraid to admit that I find it somewhat monotonous and very heavy. But we were in the market for a cioppino that night and little Italy DID look promising for that.

We looked and looked and nothing had it. On a complete whim I peeked into a place with a green awning called Cafe Sport. Of course, I was expecting a sports bar but what we found was this place. A restaurant completely overflowing with kitch but looking so adorable and hey, selling cioppino!

This isn't an actual picture of our cioppino (it was too dark) but it's pretty close. It's a big red mess of seafood stewed in salsa and served with PLENTY of bread to mop up the sauce!

We also had a glass of wine apiece and a tiramisu to finish up. Mmmmm.....I walked (waddled!) home feeling stuffed and totally happy!


We woke up the next day preparing to walk again. This time, we had an approximately 6 mile route planned! We needed to fuel up! This crepe (thanks google image, it looks exactly like it!) was shared (unequally) besides a little market in a tiny little stand with red-tableclothed tables! So cute!


The best part? We discovered the pluout. Yes, if a plum and an apricot had a baby, this is what you would get. All joking aside, the varietal name for this fruit is the Flavor Grenade. And it's completely accurate. At $2.50/lb these things did not come cheap, but they were worth that and more anyway!

I carried these babies with me for to days, having one with every meal. Yummmmm!

Finally, to completely top my slide into food-related recklessness, we ended our last night of vacation in a completely divey-looking place called Pier 23 that had a great little heated (a must!) patio with jazz playing. We got some pull and eat shrimp and to top it off had this delicious, rich, mayonnaise-smothered crab and shrimp sandwich with a side of sweet potato fries. No dessert was necessary here. I anticipated having to pay dearly for these three days of no-holds-barred eating and knowing that the next day was going to be spent in an airport made that easy.

Well, this post came out too long to go into the baked fish and definitely I will save my newest muffin creation for next time. I hope this wasn't too tedious. I'll be cooking things up again now that I'm home for a while!

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