As I said, after a 6 mile hilly run in the park, I figured I owed myself an indulgence. So off we headed to Queens for Oysterfest, hosted by London Lennie's.

We started off with a Bloody Mary Oyster Shooter, then 1.5 dozen oysters, Boyfriend got a fried oyster Po' Boy (I had 2 bites only!) and then we each took another shooter (mine with oyster, Boyfriend without)


And, I discovered what an Oyster Rockefeller is....Turns out it's an oyster covered in cheese, cream and spinach. Sigh, I would have rather never known.

Afterward, we headed to a Russian supermarket. These places have the FRESHEST, CHEAPEST produce. We stocked up on eggplants, peppers, apples, grapes....and I got everything to make the tastiest salad ever.

This baby was made with pear (soaked in cherry flavored balsamic vinegar, more below), 1/4 of a huge pepper, mixed dark greens, a handful of trail mix, about 1.5 servings of fat free feta cheese and some sort of wheat/rice puff crunchies on top. I also poured a little water into the remains of my honey squeeze-bottle and squirted around a little honey water.

I also made one of these for Boyfriend (who put it on the side of a big slice of pizza...his and hers part II?) and he really loved it too. I think this was one of my fave salads so far, especially because now that sunny weather is coming, I want my salads to be sweet and refreshing!

Note on Balsamic Vinegar: This is my first experience with good, expensive Balsamic. I've always used a lot of it anyway so I figured I'd make a splurge and I found a set of 4 flavored vinegars for $25 online. I was so impressed I have no idea how I'm going to go back to the regular stuff. This was a bit thicker though so I'll have to use it with caution.

One of my good friends also came by earlier that night and we are hanging out on Monday and he wants Italian. I guess Monday will have to be a really good example of defensive eating!

Goals: Order something without cheese or pasta? (2 things I'm not a fan of at night anyway, talk about water retention!)

Hope I keep 'em!



05/02/2011 09:31

This salad looks and sounds delicious!!!


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