I thought I was so good yesterday with keeping my calories low, my exercise high and my snacking to a minimum. It seems that my scale disagrees. =(

I went to bed last night knowing what my day would hold: work until 5, haircut, then happy hour. A medicine-sponsored happy hour with free beverages and probably fried food. A potential disaster. So I set my alarm for 6am and hoped to get a run in.

I did! 3 miles before work! The plan was to have a snack before the run and a real breakfast afterwards. Instead I just had all the food I had planned to eat before work before the run. Fail.
This is actually a shot of breakfast AND lunch. This TJ's cereal is only 90 calories for 2/3 cup and is delicious and satisfying. The yogurt (caramel!) was also pretty reasonable. But then I had the add-on (blueberries and cereal) pictured on the left. Ok, lets call this whole shebang 350 calories. I finished off with a huge sweet coffee as I went to work.

For lunch (on the right) there's the tupperware of hummus and a bunch of veggies (purchased pre-cut from supermarket...laziness...) and the second to last muffin. Actually when I opened this baby up I found soooo many berries inside. It was the jackpot muffin. Sorry Boyfriend.

The good news is that even though I was somewhat hungry after this meal, knowing what I had in store for the rest of the night and being trapped in the lab prevented me from snacking.

So now I'm off to haircut+happy hour. But I'm not done. I have goals. Hopefully if I publish them I'm going to feel bad about breaking them and having to write about it tomorrow. But I wont make it too hard on myself! 2 beers (if large) or 3 beers (if small) and only 1 sample of any fried foods that are around. Unless there is no variety (I bet there will be wings!), in which case, 3 finger foods.

Note: While I do not condone having alcohol calories in lieu of food, they ARE calories (especially in beer) and they are carbohydrates and used as such by your body. If you've given yourself enough protein/fiber/fruits/veg during the day, liquid carbs do still count and if you're full (and not drunk), you don't have to feel PRESSURED to eat.

Ok, wish me luck! (and a flattering haircut!)



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