These are a mixed blessing.
Pros: 150 calories per muffin, nice and dense and super-filling, lots of fiber, super easy to mix and only needs 2 eggs in addition to the mix.

Cons: Takes FOREVER to cook (took me an hour as opposed to the 25-30 promised minutes), probably at its best if a handful of small dried fruit pieces are thrown in (I used a raisin/cherry/cranberry mix), they don't really rise (prompting the Seinfeldian question: what happened to the muffin tops?)

Overall Review: Of the 12 muffins that I made on Tuesday night, Boyfriend and I both had 1 each on Wednesday morning and they were very nice. When I returned on Wednesday evening from a dinner with a girlfriend, all but 3 muffins were left, meaning that between Boyfriend and his guyfriend dinner companion, 7 more were consumed. I will call this a silent rave review.

Thanks TJ! =) 
5/20/2012 03:39:17 pm

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